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    A caution to dancehall musicians in Ghana!!!

    by flexghana.com
    posted Sunday, 01 December 2013 14:56| 1 Comments

    When was the last time a ''diss'' song in Ghana became a hit and won an award? I know music is meant to educate, inform and also to entertain.

    What then can we say of a diss song? Does a diss song educate, inform or entertain?

    Before I go ahead, I would have to say a big shame to Shatta Wale and his management as well as that of Samini and any other artiste who may have at one time or the other dissed another artiste through music.

    Songs by Ghanaian artistes to diss each other isn't anything new in the music industry but of late, it has become very rampant especially within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity. We all know what Shatta did to Kaakie and Charterhouse right after the last Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. In recent past, there have been several instances of quarrels and misunderstandings amongst Reggae Dancehall artistes in the country. Names like Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Iwan and Samini readily come to mind but in all these, it seems like most Reggae Dancehall artistes in Ghana have a bone to pick with Samini.

    I just can't understand what is really happening within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity. Is it a case that Samini is really a bad and wicked person to the extent that he doesn't want any other Reggae Dancehall artiste to make it on the music scene or perhaps other artistes are envious of his achievements and want to pull him down the ladder of progress?

    Flipping through the channels of my old Sanyo black and white television, I got stuck to Amanda Jissih's interview with Iwan about recent developments within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity on GhOne. Iwan made it categorically clear that Samini used his (Iwan) name to promote the Movado show some years back, but was never allowed to perform at the show. Till date, he has not been compensated, neither has he been given any tangible reason for not being allowed to perform at the show.

    When Amanda Jissih mentioned to Iwan that Samini said he has no problem with him (Iwan), Iwan without any apology, called Samini a big liar. In as much as Samini may have wronged Iwan with respect to the Movado Show, Iwan isn't expecting Samini to pay him any compensation or apologize to him but only wants Samini to acknowledge that he (Samini) did not treat him(Iwan) fairly.

    Iwan has gone ahead to release a new single ''kei waa nene'' (who are you) in response to Samini. He called Samini the self-acclaimed African Dancehall King and asked that he should shut up his dirty stinking mouth. Iwan said so many dirty things about Samini's music and his style and made a mockery of Samini's name, calling him a village boy. He described Samini as a very greedy person and not versatile enough in the music game. He claimed Samini isn't original but a photocopy of Sonni Balli. The insults were just too much.

    Indeed there has been so much heat in the Reggae Dancehall fraternity. First of all, I understand Samini has released a song titled ''scatter badmind'' which many people believe it's a diss song targeted at Shatta Wale and Iwan.

    Listening to Shatta Wale's diss song in response to Samini's ''scatta mind''I got disappointed. I remember vividly at the Bass Awards Jams at the Accra Sports Stadium when Shatta Wale openly apologized to Samini. Even though Samini was out of the country at that time and couldn't make it to the show, Shatta Wale showed so much remorse and promised to record a track with Samini for the sake of peace. As a result of this, I wrote an article in praise of Shatta Wale calling him a born again artiste but here we are, Shatta Wale has gone back to his old self.

    In Shatta Wale's diss song, he insulted Samini as an idiot, pu**y, fool and that he should go and suck his mother. He claimed that it is right for Samini to be called a thief among other insulting words. According to Shatta Wale, whilst in school, Samini was known to be fool. He tagged Samini as the son of a poor parent who doesn't see himself as such and that he should go and tell his own mother that he is a fool.

    ''I would kill your fame, kill your name'', was Shatta Wale words in the song. I can go on and on but one thing is very clear; the whole song is a huge insult at Samini and straight to the point. Shatta Wale did not insult Samini indirectly but mentioned Samini's name throughout the song and hurled at him insults some of which I can't state in this article for lack of space.

    I am not sure if this newly resurrected fight between Samini and Shatta Wale is intentional and aimed at promoting the Guinness Big Eruption Concert slated for November 23, 2013 at the Accra Sports Stadium on which they have been billed to perform. I would be surprised if that's the case because the insults directed at Samini were just too much below the belt. My fear is that if these two artistes should meet each other face-to face, a physical fight would come up.

    First of all, who is Shatta Wale's manager? Is it really Bulldog? Was Bulldog aware of the diss song before it was released? Did he consent to the release of the song? I would want to give Bulldog the benefit of the doubt, but if Bulldog really knew about the diss song and gave his consent for the release of the song, then what I can say is that Bulldog is not being an asset to the music industry. If on other hand, Shatta Wale released the song without Bulldog's consent, if indeed Bulldog believes in ensuring that there is sanity in the music industry, then he should dissociate himself from the song and possibly cease to be Shatta Wale's manager henceforth.

    Samini has been on the music scene for a long time and I believe his conduct in recent times hasn't been the best. He needs to grow up and stop the childish stuff. His business is to churn out hits after hits rather than engaging in these petty scuffles that wouldn't generate anything positive. Samini is known internationally and for him to be engaging in lyrical fights with his colleague-artistes is quite unfortunate.

    I think Samini and Shatta Wale are two musicians who have lost sight of who they are and the subject of their focus in the music industry and most importantly the role they have to play in the society. Samini and Shatta Wale should be ashamed of themselves. They simply are like adults in pampers not knowing what to do if they have to urinate or sh*t. They simply need to grow up and stop behaving like day-nursery kids without any common sense. I rest my case.

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