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    What moral lesson does Tutulapato learn from his own songs?

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Wednesday, 04 December 2013 14:13| 0 Comments

    ‘Woy3 makoma mu safoa (3x) medo333 - (you are the key to my heart)

    Enti bra na begye nkosoa 3x - (so come and take egg)

    S3 wo gyei mea mebo wo dadowa 3x - (if you don’t come, I will nail you) Charley on the micki - (Charley, I’m on the Mic)

    M3nyeni sen woyere skintighti…’- (I’m far older than your wife’s skintight/leggings/alogospringi)

    They say when a person is good, they need to be told and Tutulapato frankly deserves praises for more grieves to his ‘head bow’.

    Charter House, I beg make una nominate the boy for ‘Discovery of the year’ category and maybe create a ‘Most talented youngster of the year’ category in next year’s Ghana Music Awards.

    Indeed, Tutulapato is very good at what he does especially rhyming and demonstrating his rap talent on the Mic. He is a boy of eight years old and a class 5 pupil of British International School.

    But for Christ’s sake he is a student and a growing child, can’t the content in his songs be much lighter and encouraging to his age mates as well?

    His rap talent was discovered on Kasahari Level on Adom 106.3FM, hosted by Asuoden ‘hene’, Pope Skinny somewhere second quarter last year and has since been hosted on the show several times contending with older upcoming ‘rap-dons’.

    Tutulapato emerged as winner at Talented Kids, a reality show for talented children in Ghana on TV3. He was seen beefing with pioneer contestant of the show, Awal at the finals. This really showed how visionless and self-pleasing on the part of organizers of the show and management of the kid.

    Yes, it is of course an aspect of entertainment but to whom respect is due, must be given. Besides they are kids, its way too bad they are being exposed early to the discrediting lifestyle of established musicians as Bandana-Samini, KK Fosu-Samini, Kokoveli-Tinny-Samini, Tinny-Kwaw Kese and Asem-Kwaw Kese, mong others.

    The boy is very young hence cannot make most major decisions pertaining to his career on his own; Pope Skinny who is managing this talented kid doesn’t seem to perceive that Tutulapato is way under-age that he needs guidelines to putting together words that fits his age.

    Lyrics in his songs are very most equal to profanity, mp3nyinsem (grown up talks) and to worsen matters, it’s full of ‘nonfa’ for a boy of his age. Oh… but the boy is very good, no two ways about it!

    Unfortunately, it appears his discoverer and manager rather is very much interested in guiding and assisting the kid in writing his lyrics ignorantly hoping to gain ample attention beating his two main contenders, Snr. Awal and Swag Kid.

    Although, entertainment is to regale, educate and relieve listeners of their stress, how does lyrics in songs like ‘Makoma mu Safoa’, ‘Akweley’, ‘Wooeisoormi’ which Kwaw Kese featured him and ‘Nkodaa susua’ among other songs by the young ‘on the micki’ kid star tend to educate his age mates. What moral lesson does he learn from them?

    His management’s target audience seem to be just the youth who are ‘rhythmic-minded’ Azonto-Alqhaeda dancers who are as well too quick to hail and embrace to any kind of songs provided its danceable to.

    Once again, I will like ask why most of our sound engineers not attempting to at least share their sentiments and on contents in songs artistes who troop into their studios to record?

    Maybe after all, the artiste is paying for studio time and the beat so what right has he to point out the choice of words in the clients songs, is that it?

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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