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    We are killing our own talents in Ghana

    by Elorm Beenie
    posted Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:27| 0 Comments

    We Ghanaians are own enemies in Showbiz. Sarkodie went on international platform and says "irish cream" then everybody pelt him the wackiest rapper, then Sarkodie went on to say "I invented azonto" (on BBC), hmmm only God knew the number of people who crucified him verbally and emotionally on that.

    So SAMINI also came through to hit P-Square for 'siphoning' our originated azonto and called it 'alingo'. Hmmm, Samini also had all the unprintable words in the world hurled at him in chorus from people saying "he is an old face so he should save himself"....hmmmm...just weeks ago, Wizkid was crowned on Channel O as the "originator of azonto" my colleague journalists have pretended not to see.

    And on that silliest performances by @KCee of "Limpopo" hit song and Burna boy on Channel O who got popular just last night, fellow DJs, Presenters are hyping them more than their own names on their diverse shows.

    If it were any of our Ghanaian artistes who didn't perform well on that Channel O stage, the kind of backlash they would get from our media hmmm, your guess is as good as mine. I'm typing long again but to cut it short, WE ARE KILLING OUR OWN TALENTS and if we don't take care a time will come Ghana Showbiz will become like South Africa which is run by "westerners".

    Let's protect our content. Musicians Union of Ghana, Musiga is the WEAKEST INSTITUTION in Ghana and I know their "big men" on my list will read this. If it hurts them, let them do PROPER RESTRUCTURING and stop joking with talents and their livelihood.

    So many things I want to write about but this space is too small. I'll be pouring more in the subsequent posts.

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