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    Phamous TV: The worst and the most fake concept on televison

    by Linton Ohene F, GHFYLLA NEWS
    posted Thursday, 19 December 2013 14:48| 0 Comments

    Who employed or voted Phamous TV to judge or criticize music videos produced outside their outfit?

    Is the current Phamous People/Philms boss well educated to be directing videos and passing judgement on videos produced outside his outfit?

    Which personalities are on his team in terms of expertise?

    One may wonder why a giant mobile operator,will agree to sponsor such a program without researching much on the content of the concept they are sponsoring.

    The truth is no one has employed Phamous People/Philms to judge/criticize music videos produced outside their outfit.

    The current boss of Phamous People/Philms George Gyo Gyimah has not had any formal education with regards to his chosen profession, he learnt on the job through his brother Gerald Ogee Gyimah whiles he was schooling at Wisconsin University located at Agbobga, North Legon in accra.

    Reliable information reaching us,is that George Gyo Gyimah pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Office Management at the Wisconsin University when he failed to pass his SSSCE exams, which he wrote whiles schooling at Akosombo International School.

    The reality is that he couldn't make it to any of the premier universities because of his low grade.

    Whiles in Wisconsin University George Gyo Gyimah failed again to come out with good grades.

    But it was nothing to worry about because he had found a profession which would keep him busy plus bring him money. One may not deny the fact that though he did not have any formal education in his current profession,he has produced a couple of creative music videos in Ghana.

    To move from producing music videos,to judging and criticizing music videos produced outside your outfit is unfortunate.

    Because producing music videos is bigger than being behind the cameras, editing and being creative, you should be well educated in a profession of your choice to be able to criticize others.

    Watching the show is as if every video from their outfit is perfect but videos from other directors have one problem or the other.

    Speaking to a well renowned Music Video director, he wonders why Phamous TV is being aired in the first place.

    Because he has a problem with the whole production, the hosts, editing and the critics.

    According to him looking at other shows on TV, Phamous TV is just occupying space for nothing.

    Keeping away from that he made comments about some of their self produced music videos,which by a directors standard it has no bearing.

    The Illuminati video, performed by Sarkodie and produced by his outfit (George's Phamous People/Philms) which topped as over 'All Best Video' in this years 4syte Music Video wards, is a stolen concept which was altered abit. On YouTube.com type 'Fly Away Bunny Jay' featuring Chana, the original concept's video was shot some where last 2 years in Dubai and the video released in March 2012.The video was produced by Coldeye Records.

    With personalities on his team you are left to judge yourselves.

    Currently Phamous People/Philms are not the only music video producing firm in ghana,in terms of good content,we have the likes of Abraham Ohene Djan - OM Studios, Ignace Hego-4Syte TV, Nana kofi Asihene, Chris Agyemang-KLIPZERO, a Swedish based Ghanaian music video director, who has a branch of his outfit in Ghana and the list goes on.

    These directors are doing great and amazing stuff both in Ghana and beyond.

    The truth of the matter is with the current competition in terms of music videos, the only way to position themselves is to create a program on TV, which would serve as a platform to make their outfit look better than others.

    This is a wise way of advertising at another company's expense.

    Some music video producers intend putting in a legal instrument to prosecute Phamous PEOPLE/PHILMS for trying to pull their content down,when we all know that they (Phamous People/Philms) themselves don't have the know how.

    This act should be looked into with the seriousness it deserves, before it blows out of proportion.

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