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    Is Kwabena Kwabena a music chameleon?

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 20 December 2013 10:39| 0 Comments

    Obviously many people would easily answer the question ''Is Kwabena Kwabena a Gospel or Highlife artiste?

    Rightly Kwabena Kwabena is not a Gospel artiste but a highlife artiste. In current times, many artistes do different genres of music just to show how talented and versatile they are but for me, I would say most of them are hypocrites.

    Over the years, Kwabena Kwabena has been singing about love and he has been noted and recognized for that. Impressively, he has never been tagged as an artiste who sings songs with lyrics suggesting sex but at this moment I beg to differ.

    First of all, why did Kwabena Kwabena name his current song enjoying massive airplay ''adults music''? Is the song only meant for adults? If that's the case, is it because of the lyrics of the song?

    I must admit that I am not so happy about the song. Kwabena Kwabena, over the years has been able to carve a niche for himself. Both the young and the old enjoy his songs but ''adult music'' is quite unlike him and I wonder what could have motivated him to compose that song. He may have his own good reasons but I don't really care.

    However, I am a bit confused as to why a highlife artiste would decide to compose and sing a gospel song. It's not a bad idea for a highlife artiste to sing gospel but what would be the motivation to do that. Would it be to just sing praises to God or win some souls for Christ? Definitely when any highlife artiste is asked what motivates him or her to come up with songs; none would point out winning of souls for Christ as a motivating factor. Obviously Gospel artistes would say they sing gospel songs to praise and worship God and most importantly win souls for Christ.

    Under no circumstances would Kwabena Kwabena say the motivating factor for releasing ''adults music'' was to win souls for Christ. Releasing ''adults' music'' was purely for business purposes; to record more sales, get more shows to play and most importantly get so much cash.

    But the question to ask now is why he decided to do a gospel song? I stand to be corrected but Kwabena Kwabena would never say the release of a gospel song is for business purposes. Deep within him, the need to capture a bigger chunk of the music market could be a motivating factor. If ''adults music'' is a secular song and based on its lyrics alone, people could be led to ''taste'' sex, how can we reconcile this with the fact that the same person responsible for 'adults music'' would also compose a gospel song in praise of God or to win souls for Christ.

    One fact is clear. Adult's music has the tendency to cause some people to experience or try sex. I therefore don't seem to understand why an artiste like Kwabena Kwabena would glaringly display his hypocrisy by trying to serve two masters; God and the evil one. This is my opinion and I would stand by it. I wouldn't necessarily say that highlife music is a genre of music that promotes promiscuity in the society. It depends on individual artistes and the kind of songs they churn out.

    My word of advice is that all musicians who do other genres of music should concentrate on what they do rather than try their hands on gospel music. Gospel music should not be an experimental tool for artistes. Gospel music should not be seen as an aspect of music to be experimented on with the intent of appealing to a wide range of music lovers and making more cash.

    You simply can't sing about worldly stuff and then in the next breath try to put dust in the eyes of the people by singing gospel. Once again, you can't serve two masters. Perhaps with his new ''bue Kwan'' gospel song, God would make a way where there seems to be no way and ''daakye'' (in the future) Kwabena Kwabena would decide whether to churn out more adults music or not. ''Kwabena Kwabena, the ball is in your court.'' I rest my case.

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