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    Some GMA committee members should learn to “Shut Up”

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Friday, 20 December 2013 11:01| 0 Comments

    To show how genuine one awards scheme will be in its delivery, it is always wise that organizers of the awards select people who have knowledge in whatever field the awards scheme is targeting, to select the winners.

    It is a world standard, so if Ghana is taking a cue from this act, there is the need to encourage it so we don't reward mediocrity in our arts and entertainment industry.

    In Ghana, most of our awards schemes, disclose the people who make up an awards selection committee to the general public for them to know how authentic the scheme is and also to disclose the knowledge behind those who get nomination and all.

    Apparently, where we fail is the kind of people who get the opportunity to be on awards committee platforms. It is only in Ghana that some people might get the opportunity to be on awards schemes because it is either he is very close to the organizers or the person is very popular in what he or she does, so can be on the committee not necessary on his knowledge. There are more examples to show from many well recognized award shows in the country.

    There is one thing media people  in this country also fail to do when there is something wrong in our awards systems. We only talk about the events whilst the awards are happening or over and leave them to die out on our platforms right after the awards. With that attitude, we always leave the organizers with no option than to forget about all we said when there is a new awards on the table.

    Henceforth, we at Flex newspaper want to suggest that media people in Ghana push their agenda not only after events but during and before the events.

    On this note, we want to tell organizers of Ghana Music Awards Charter House to be mindful of the kind of people they select as their committee members.

    In fact, some of them are creating problems for colleague members and the earlier  Charter House stops this “nonsense”, the better.

    How on earth could a board member of Ghana Music Awards inform a musician who suffered a nomination that this or that person caused your refusal to be nominated. That act is very unprofessional and it is our prayer that Charter House sweeps out all such charlatans. Because of this, sound engineer Roro is not too happy with Okraku Mantey because a board member had informed him (Roro)  that Okraku Mantey did not help his brother  Morris Baby Face win a male vocalist slot in one of the past editions of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

    This is a serious betrayal of trust by all these professionals who are  invited to be part of the selection committee. We are surprised because it has been confirmed that some committee members on such platforms swear an oath of secrecy, therefore it comes as a surprise when information evolves that members release secrets to some possible award winners or nominees.

    At the moment, Okraku Mantey seems to be in the bad books of sound engineer Roro and his brother Morris Baby Face because according to them, Okraku never helped them in winning the Male Vocalist award in Ghana Music Awards. “Na who cause am- GMA member”.

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