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    Tutulapato goes back to the village

    by Samuel A. Baah, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 13:16| 1 Comments

    As media people, there are some stories we fantasize being the first to publish and that alone comes with some pride of a sort, yet there are some other stories that despite being the first to publish, you still feel sorry about it because of its consequences on the individual.

    Flex newspaper can authoritatively report in this week`s edition of the paper that child celebrity Tutulapato is now residing in the village because his managers including Buffalo and Pope Skinny have left him painfully because of  an untoward behavior from Tutulapato`s mother.

    When entertainment pundits had started jubilating over the glory the young chap real name Cosmos Boako aka Tutulapato was enjoying after winning Tv3`s Talented Kids reality show last year, we never thought it was going to be short lived as this. Now the young man has been sent back to his Breman Asikuma village aimlessly and without hope of getting any quality education again after being enrolled at the Silicon International School at Teshie Nungua. This is how our informant who happens to be a radio presenter at Oda Radio Biyac in the Eastern region told Flex newspaper last Monday.

    “Initially Tutulapato was managed by Buffalo Entertainment, a recording studio at Breman Brekwa owned by one police officer who is popularly called Buffalo. Buffalo was working at Brekwa until his current transfer to Assin Fosu.

    Because he was liked by all the family people of Buffalo, one brother of Buffalo picked Tutu to Accra where he registered him at the Silicon International school for his preparatory education. Pope Skinny was only helping in terms of promotion but then he was never the manager. What was happening is that, Tutulapato`s mother thinks Buffalo is making more money out of the small boy so she was always putting pressure on the manager to do this and that.

    The man is not too happy about developments and has decided to stop managing Tutulapato. He has been sent back to the village because Buffalo`s brother also known as Johnson does not see why he should continue to take care of Tutulapato now that his brother has stopped working with him.

    Unfortunately, ever since “Tutu” came to the village, he has not been happy because he say`s he does not want to stay in the village any more. At the moment, he is not schooling and just walking about aimlessly without any positive thing in his life. TV3 is also saying they are not ready for the boy to travel (allegedly) until he is 18-years so there is a big confusion here. At the moment, we need somebody to manage him if possible so he can continue his music career” Appiah who is very close to Tutulapato`s family gave Flex newspaper this vivid account including pictures from the village.

    Meanwhile, in an interview with the boss of Buffalo Entertainment whose real name is Seth Dwamena, he admitted to Flex newspaper that though it is true Tutulapto is in the village currently, he has not stopped working with him entirely but there are some issues he has to settle with some people around him especially his mother because she seems to be the problem. “I have not stopped working with him entirely but there are some few issues we have to settle with his mother. My brother will still take care of him when school re-opens” he told Flex newspaper reporter David Offei Lartey in a telephone interview.

    Pope Skinny has been running around the industry with the tag of managing the young rapper but it looks as if he is not ready to talk to Flex newspaper on the matter as all attempts to reach him on phone for his side of the story have proven futile.

    Tutulapato`s mother Maame Mercy, who is at the centre of the controversy is also not picking her calls when we tried to verify issues from her angle. We hope to bring readers more details of this story in our subsequent editions.

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