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    Yaa Pono’s team go after fraudulent event promoters

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 23 January 2014 18:31| 0 Comments

    It has recently come to our notice that several apparent music promoters are fraudulently promoting gigs billing our client, Yaa Pono, as appearing without prior consent and agreement from Management.

    An example of a fraudulent billing is attached below. Please note that Yaa Pono WILL NOT be appearing at the “Skelewu Fun Fair Reloaded” event organised by PAY1 Entertainment on 25th January, 09.00 at Osino Presby S.H.S as Management was not consulted prior to advertising.

    We advise any persons who have parted with money for this event to contact Pay1 Entertainment for a full refund and also their local Police station to report the matter.

    We have also been made aware of the illegal leaking of some of Yaa Pono’s music online.

    Another serious matter, we advise those who have not secured the express permission of Management to distribute Yaa Pono’s music to cease doing so. Our team take great pride in working with Pono to further the development of his talent and brand by adhering to his annual work plan, managing his back catalogue, future career plans and selecting appropriate appearances for him.

    Random actions taken by unauthorised parties do nothing to help or further Yaa Pono’s cause and so we ask that any required Yaa Pono activity is sought via the correct and proper steps.

    >Fraudulent activity by unscrupulous individuals only serves to extract money from genuine fans keen to see and hear from Yaa Pono – this is fundamentally wrong.

    Any appearances or music releases that have been confirmed and authorised by YAVA Global for our client will be publicised via Yaa Pono’s various social media accounts: Twitter (@ponobiom), Facebook personal (Yaa Pono), Facebook Fan Page (Pono Biom), Instagram (Pono Biom) and the relevant mass media – TV, radio, online and print. Management contact details are clearly stated on these accounts in order to prevent similar instances.

    Excuses will not be tolerated. Whilst we continue to welcome all genuine enquiries regarding our Client via the correct channels, please note that all fraudulent behaviour will be reported to the Police (Ghana and Internationally) for investigation, enforcement and prosecution.

    As always, Yaa Pono, Uptown Energy and YAVA Global acknowledge and appreciate the huge amount of love, dedication and continued support shown to Pono by his fans Worldwide.

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