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    Was there any acid attack from Samini’s camp @ Loud in GH 2013?

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Monday, 27 January 2014 23:14| 0 Comments

    After causing a stir at ‘Loud In GH 2013’, Bull Dog, manager of ‘revolting’ Shatta Wale is alleged to have claimed that some people believed to be coming from Samini’s Camp during the event held at the Accra Sports Stadium on December 25, 2013 attacked Shatta Wale’s fans with liquid substance assumed to be Acid.

    Although it has been weeks after this event, reasons as to why Shatta Wale hijacked the microphone without paving way for Samini to perform, among other alleged happenings on that fateful night is something not to be easily understood and forgotten.

    Upon contacting Bull Dog, quoting him; “I never saw Samini’s fans attack our people with Acid but I was told something of that sort had gone on although I have no evidence. I never said there was any acid attack on our fans”

    According to him, there were series of incidents that went on during Loud In GH but on their part handled matters lightly. Incidents included Samini’s Camp hiring buses for fans from Nima and Shukura to attend the event and also heard the fans were carried acid on them to attack fans of his artiste.”

    The question is how many of the patrons at the event wore T-Shirts with either Samini or Shatta Wale’s picture or even just an inscription of their slogans at the Accra Sport Stadium for the event?

    However, the source to this information still maintains her words that Bull Dog said fans from Samini’s Camp carried acid to attack their fans during the event on December 25, 2013 at Accra Sports Stadium.

    Clearly, it is either Bull Dog is suffering from a special amnesia disorder where he so easily forgets ungrounded happenings or Samini or his management needs to grow and depict their brand as the true Dancehall and music Legend niche he has created for his brand.

    Agree or disagree with my description for these two top Ghanaian Dancehall musicians, they are ‘children in the bodies of adults’ as they never seem to want to grow and end their long term ‘lyrical war’. Kudos ‘babies’.

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