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    VGMA to accept Nhyiraba Kojo's Alkayida

    by Osarfo Anthony
    posted Monday, 03 February 2014 18:45| 0 Comments

    Hiplife musician Nhyiraba Kojo has revealed to Flex newspaper that he hopes his Alkayida song gets nomination in this year's VGMA; plus he and others originated the Alkayida dance and not Guru.

    Certain lies or twisted information, if not corrected, become truth over time. When the new dance craze – Alkayida became extremely popular, one musician who was credited with its origination is musician Guru of Empire Records.

    Your authoritative Flex newspaper published on 12th June, 2013 that Alkayida started in Cape Coast. As to who or which group of people originated it, Flex newspaper gathered that promising hipline musician Nhyiraba Kojo and others originated the dance and music form.

    In an exclusive duologue with Nhyiraba Kojo, he revealed to Flex newspaper, “I and my other guys originated the Alkayida dance and music. The facts are there. We started the whole movement with one T-Flo in Takoradi.

    “We recorded the first Alkayida song and put the music video on many TV stations which enjoyed airplay for over 3 months before Guru and others followed the buzz. Honestly, we did not know Alkayida could become this big, we would have stated the facts long ago. However, as the saying goes, the truth cannot be covered forever; it always comes out one way or the other.”

    To affirm their claim, management of Nhyiraba Kojo has picked VGMA forms to enter their Alkayida song so they get nomination. “We hope the VGMA board gives us the chance to tell our story. Alkayida is the 'inn thing' now and we are proud to have started it” manager of Nhyiraba Kojo added.

    We hope VGMA accepts Nhyiraba Kojo's Alkayida song which is enjoying massive airplay on radio, television and social media. Nhyiraba Kojo nie! Alkayida nie!

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