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    Samini and his management to pull out of Bass Awards?

    by Osarfo Anthony, Flex Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:40| 2 Comments

    Reliable information Flex newspaper is gathering from the camp of High Grade Family, the camp which houses dancehall don Samini is that, he and his management may not be part of this year`s BASS awards which is being organized by Rackus Entertainment, Bullhaus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia.

    For the past weeks, followers of Samini`s Manager  Tony Pun on social media website  twitter, tweeted that they do not want to be part of an awards he described as it as 'BRASS AWARDS' on the internet.

    Upon that statement, the idea was conceived that the manager of Samini Music was really saying that they do not want to be part of BASS awards indirectly.

    To confirm this statement, Flex newspaper spoke to one guy who has been working as the publicist for the High Grade Family popularly known as Elorm Beenie and happens to be a committee member of Bass awards ably headed by Daddy Bosco.

    In a telephone chat with him, he confirmed the tweet but disregarded the assumption that Samini may be pulling out because of Shatta Wale as has been in the public domain. 'There was a tweet like that from Tony but I would always want you to take it from Tony`s angle before concluding on your thoughts.

    So let me call Tony on this same issue and I will confirm to you what he say afterwards' Elorm Beenie told Flex newspaper on Monday before press time.

    As a professional publicist as he is, Elorm Beenie returned our call and informed us that Tony say`s he tweeted BRASS awards but we should wait till they come out with their official statement on whether they are pulling out of the awards show or not.

    Meanwhile, it should be noted that nominations of Bass awards have  been opened from now till 31st March 2014 for prospective nominees to file their nominations. Now with this information lurking around the camp of High Grade Family, the future really looks dim if they will file for nominations.

    That notwithstanding, the seemingly lyrical battle between Samini and Shatta Wale including Shatta`s strength and popularity currently might even push Samini to exclude himself and his Samini Music or better still the High Grade Family at large from the Bass awards.

    Again, it is crystal clear that Samini did not release enough heavy materials to contend strongly with the heavy weight artiste of our time Shatta Wale. We are waiting patiently for Tony to release that official statement before the close of the nomination period just as reigning gospel queen  Herty Borngreat said on Peace fm`s Entertainment Review programme last Saturday that she will not file for nomination in this year`s Ghana music awards.

    Meanwhile, another question on Bass awards which is still not answered because Daddy Bosco is not picking our calls is why former manager of Bandana Mr Logic and Bull Dog were kicked out of the committee this year. More details on this story later in Flex newspaper.

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