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    Confusion hits Ghana Music Week

    by Halifax Ansah-Addo, News- One
    posted Wednesday, 19 February 2014 23:40| 0 Comments

    The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is clearly baffled and equally confusing the public and sponsors over the name of the music festival it recently launched and whether the Union has the right to use the brand name, 'Ghana Music Week'.

    The confusion between the Union on one hand and Mad Time Entertainment on the other hand on who has legal right over the brand name, 'Ghana Music Week', has taken an interesting twist as MUSIGA is now calling the event 'GMW' Festival.

    The Unionís President, Bice 'Obour' Kuffour, could not clearly tell NEWS-ONE whether what MUSIGA launched recently was the Ghana Music Week Festival or the GMW Festival and if the two were same thing.

    Obour insisted that the event, this time round, was called 'GMW Festival' but when the paper asked him if it was the same thing as the Ghana Music Week Festival, he simply repeated that the event was called ìGMWî.

    The paper then asked Obour to explain the meaning of the initials or acronym, GMW, but he cheekily responded by saying 'GMW' meant 'GMW'.

    "Again, the paper asked Obour if GMW means Ghana Music Week, but he simply could not tell and rather said the Union had decided to use ëGMWí to avoid a legal tussle.

    Interestingly, checks by NEWS-ONE from some of the corporate sponsors of the event showed that MUSIGA has told them they were sponsoring Ghana Music Week Festival and the initials of the event was GMW.

    Indeed, artiste manager Fennec Okyere and rapper Kwaw Kese have publicly stated they own the brand name, Ghana Music Week, which has the initials GMW, and warned that MUSIGA would be perpetuating an illegality if it went ahead to use the brand name.

    ìObour, myself and Kwaw were all summoned to the Registrar Generalís Department and they were told by the arbitrator there that MUSIGA cannot use the name, GMW. He further told them that if they wanted to use the name, they had to negotiate with us first. But for some reason they are now calling it GMW festival. What does the GMW mean?, 'Fennec told NEWS-ONE on Sunday and said he and Kwaw Kese were the rightful owners of the brand name.

    We have incorporated the name Ghana Music Week as our company name and we have also registered Ghana Music Week Festival as our product. Kwaw Kese and I are 50-50 owners of the company and we have all the legal backing to prove it,î he said, adding that he had not given MUSIGA any permission to use the brand name under any condition.

    On Monday morning, Obour accused NEWS-ONE of 'misleading' the public in its previous reports on the tussle between MUSIGA and Fennec.

    ìThe paragraph of the story in which you said that after broad stakeholder consultations, Fennec yielded to pleas for MUSIGA to be allowed to go ahead with the event last year because preparations were far advanced and all was set to roll is very misleading and in bad taste, Obour noted.

    According to Obour Fennec only started to complain after MUSIGA had launched and organized the Ghana Music Week last year, adding that, that portion of the story was in 'bad taste' and must be corrected.

    Fennec, however, insisted Obour should stop the red herrings over the issue and come clean on who owns the brand and whether MUSIGA was not committing an illegality by using someoneís registered brand to solicit sponsorship.

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