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    Stop using dollars in Ghanaian music videos

    by Osarfo Anthony, Flex Newspaper
    posted Thursday, 20 February 2014 01:07| 2 Comments

    Since the legal tender of Ghana is the Ghana Cedis, Ghanaian musicians, especially the hiplifers, are advised to stop using dollars in their music videos.

    With the fast rate at which Westernization is fruiting in Africa, someday, you will sit with your children in Africa (say Ghana) but they will look at you in the face and ask you; father, is it true we once lived in a place called Africa?

    What will you tell your children?

    Those were the exact speech of South Africa's celebrated musician Hugh Ramopolo Masakela when he came to Ghana and spoke on Metro TV's current affairs show 'Good Evening Ghana' hosted by Paul Adom-Okyere last year. Cogitating or meditating upon the lines above, how do you feel? And what comes into your mind?

    You might have noticed it; but in case you haven't, the news is, the currency used in the music videos of some of our hiplife musicians to portray opulence is dollars.

    The orientation of showering money in music videos to show opulence is actually a 'western thing,' especially amongst their hip hop artistes. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong if we copy it because Africans are rich too; the wrong however is, using dollars to do so at the expense of our legal tender ñ Ghana Cedis.

    Financial Experts would tell you that this and more other factors are why our cedi continue to depreciate day in day out against the dollar.

    When at all will African's and for that matter Ghanaians believe in ourselves and what we have for once? Must anything we do smack of westernization before our ego can soar? Where has our sense of originality gone to? Well, maybe I should not blame those lazy thinking artistes and music directors.

    Such anomalies will always occur in our arts industry all because there are no Industry Standards that direct us on anything we do. Our showbiz industry is left blank for any rookie or tyro to wake up and do anything.

    Most of our television stations who could have played a bigger role in checking some of these 'foreign orientations' in our music videos, are already busy showing foreign content, aiding in the westernization of the youth more.

    Why should we blame our youth who sag their shorts and trousers? Why should we criticize our youth who are gradually falling in love with hip hop music as against music of Ghanaian origin? Have you ever watched any Western artiste's - Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Chingy, Kanye West, etc music video and seen Ghana Cedis, Naira or CFA in it before?

    In fact, rarely would an American musician flaunt with pounds sterling in his/her music video. Why? Because Americans want to show to the whole world that dollars is sovereign over all currencies in this world. Westerners understand the psychology in whatever they do. We just copy without analyzing the reasons behind what we copy.

    The only exception in this issue however could be, if the lyrics in the song mentions names of different currencies, it's a bit pardonable to visualize that in the music video; aside that, why use dollars instead of Ghana Cedis? I call on our television stations and the Bank of Ghana to be proactive in stopping Ghanaian artistes from using dollars in their music videos.

    Flex newspaper promises to send a copy of this publication to the Bank of Ghana for their response.

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