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    10 artistes struggling for the next hit song

    by afrovibez.com
    posted Tuesday, 25 February 2014 19:39| 0 Comments

    Music business is serious business and every musician is in the trade to make money. The key to making that money is releasing a hit song(s) that will pave way for the gigs, sold-out concerts, the endorsement deals and all.

    Being a musician and not having a hit song is akin to having goods in a stall and not selling – it sucks big time. Here is afrovibez.com  list of some artistes looking for the next hit song.

    1.     Kwaw Kesse

    The Agona Swedru-born rapper was the go-to artiste in 2008 when he took the most awards at the Ghana Music Awards. After that feat, he has churned out some hit songs. Emmanuel Botchway is yet to taste any nation-wide hit song since ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ released in 2012. In the last year or two, ‘Abodam’ has simply dithered in trying to get the next hit song as recent songs like ‘Kalabuley’, ‘Deemus’, and ‘Fle Fle’ all failed. The Obrafour-assisted ‘Obonsam’ track and the Joey B-featured ‘Pressure Pump’ are yet to take off.

    2. VIP

    Before the very influential Promzy exited the group, the trio was exemplary for their longevity and unity in the industry. The last hit song the trio really enjoyed before the avoidable break-up was ‘Away’ in 2010. ‘Follow Me’ was mild and the remaining duo of Zeal and Prodigal are struggling. Not even the ever buoyant Terry G could save them with ‘Kokooko’.

    3. Tinny

    The word ‘hit’ is so important for Tinny, he will do anything to get that tag to describe any of his recent songs – and anything means calling himself the ‘best rapper’ just to get some fixation to his next song.  Released in 2011, ‘Anaconda’ was appreciable and not a big ‘hit’ and since then, Nii Addo Quaynor has struggled to make any headway with songs like, ‘OMG’, ‘Regular Champion’ and ‘Me Love You’.

    4. 5Five

    ‘African Gurlz’ accorded them fame and stardom but since ‘Mugye Baya’ became an international hit song in 2011, the trio of Papi, Killi and Gyino have been frantically looking for the next hit song. ‘Gargantuan Body’ was dismissed and their recent song ‘Tinkolon’ is wallowing for air play.

    5. Tic Tac

    Before the Sarkodie-Banky W, D-Black-Davido, R2Bees-Wizkid and the many other Ghana-Nigeria collaborations, there was Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah and Tony Tetuila. The song ‘Fefe n’efe’ paved the way for all other collaborations and Tic Tac set the trend. After that hit song ‘Kangaroo’ in 2006, Tic has struggled to produce another hit song.  His most recent attempt, ‘Pum Pum’ has failed to get any considerable rotation.

    6. Becca

    It is foul to attribute the songstress’s inability to produce another hit song to the Becca-Kiki-Becca’s Dad triangle of clutter but heck, since ‘Forever’ in 2010 and ‘African Woman’ in 2011, Rebecca Acheampong is still struggling for the next hit song. Not Even M.I. could do magic for ‘No Away’, and the ‘Time For Me’ album was a dud.

    7. Praye

    Yet another separated group struggling for the next hit song is Praye. It’s been a while since these guys had any mention of having released a hit song. Their major hit song ‘Angelina’ was way back in 2008 and ‘New Dance’ in 2010 was just placid. ‘Kwatrikwa 2012’ was a total flop and ‘GMT/Still Young’ in 2013 was forgettable.

    8. D-Cryme

    Not only did Darlington Kwasi Agyekum win a lot of hearts with his ‘Kill Me Shy’ banger, he also won a lot of female hearts with his ‘fine-boy’ looks.

    In hard times, when the next big hit becomes extremely torrid to get, no ‘fine boy’ things can even save you and D-Cryme is feeling it. ‘1Step, 2 Step Back’, ‘Kom kom na m’aye’ and other songs were total letdowns.

    9. Nana Boroo

    Boroo’s failed attempt to land another hit song after ‘Aha y3 d3’ gives credence to the assertion that, perhaps, that contentious song was his after all. Nana Osei Bonsu enjoyed inestimable success with ‘Aha y3 d3’ but after the potency of the song and its accompanying success dwindled, he has tried and still trying to get another but to no avail. ‘Bebia so so’ was such a pitiable follow-up, ‘Boss Ma Brain’ and ‘Too Much of Everything’ were unremarkable.

    10. Borax

    Borax is also known as Natty, also known as Natty Borax, also known as Big Borax. This guy has more aliases than the number of hit songs produced. The Daddy Lumba written and produced ‘Aseeho’ in 2011 took Borax to the top of the charts and he’s been oblivious since. Recently, Borax tried to enjoy the now fruitful dancehall cake when he released ‘Take Off Ur Pants’ and guess what, it fell flat.

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