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    S.M.F to make case with Vybrant Faya

    by Samuel A. Baah, flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 28 February 2014 18:37| 0 Comments

    The guys at Shatta Movement Family (S.M.F) are back to make a case that really and truly, they are the people who made the reigning musician of our time Bandana who he is today out of their hard work and relentless promotions. SMF according to an earlier story is the record label which pushed Bandana to where he is today as the king of Ghana`s dancehall.

    If readers can recall, some where last year a group of people came out claiming that they were the original owners of the name Shatta Movement and that they want Shatta Wale aka Bandana to desist from further usage of the name.

    Though it is not clear how far that resolve has gone, because Shatta Wale had already registered his Shatta Movement 4life brand.

    The latest news from the camp of the Shatta Movement Family (S.M.F) led by Ghanaian based Juwaid and Cyfa has it that they have introduced another serious dancehall artiste to join the already heated competition by dancehall musicians in our music industry. Information Flex newspaper is gathering is that the SMF record label is ready to go all out to make the artiste known as the Vybrant Faya the best of our time.

    Based in Ashaiman and known privately as Emmanuel Kojo Quayson, Vybrant Faya has released his first single which has already started gathering momentum on social media and other music sites known as ìMampiî. The song is now number one on Y-107.9fm with thousands of downloads by music fans. Don't be confused people, Mampi simply means a woman who is fat and sexy, mostly the taste of many Ghanaian men.

    The publicist of Shatta Movement Family (SMF) Nana Yaw Wiredu aka Nana Yaw18 told Flex newspaper in a chat that their record label is more like a talent factory which has loads of dancehall musicians who are yet to explode in the music industry. ìThis is just a tip of the iceberg but we can promise you that Vybrant Faya is about to create a serious and a healthy competition in the dancehall game. His latest single Mampi is now the largest and the hottest song on social media and will hit the airwaves soon as it`s leading on Y-fm. There are other equally good dancehall artistes like Field Marshall who is the next person to emerge out of our record labelî he told Flex newspaper last Tuesday.

    Now the question many people are asking is whether Vybrant Faya can rise to the top like the other dancehall artistes since he is already a threat and a great deal in the game. It should be noted that Vybrant Faya is not a new brand in the music industry as he has ruled Ashaiman with his brand of music and other well known platforms in the music industry.

    Only time will tell whether it is true that S.M.F made ShattaWale who he is today or not?

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