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    This is sad: Don’t we have more than just three new artistes in this country?

    by Nanayaw18.com
    posted Thursday, 06 March 2014 17:41| 0 Comments

    I was asking myself this sad question because I know it is a rhetorical one but I had to; ‘Don’t we have more than three new artistes in the music industry’.

    I was sad when I saw just three names listed for the new discovery of the year in the VGMA nominations list released on Saturday.

    From my little experience I know that music awards scheme is to help introduce new talents in to the music business. A new artiste is someone doing well underground but has little light mainstream.

    Are our organizers and committee members are telling us that within the year of review only three artistes popped up to qualify for the new artiste of the year 2014 category.

    This is so sad, as a writer I have even dealt with a lot of talents within the year of review for the Ghana music awards hence at least to boost our industry by way of motivation, one would expect that for the discovery of the year category there  will be more names.

    These little things go out to boost the morale of artiste who is now entering the music industry to want to do more.

    I am not saying that the listed artistes do not deserve to be there but at least there are a few more that needs to be there.

    So when are the organizers and committee members waiting to nominate Trade Mark, Kofi Kinaata, Wiyaala, Sean Taylor, Episode, Strong Mann, the list is endless.

    This is very sad, even though I do not write about foreign musicians, I know that most of them selling hot now were all discovered through the new artiste of the year and the music matters policy at the BET.

    What are our organizers doing for us, what are the structures in place to make sure that at every year’s awards, new artistes are introduced into the music business to toughen our competition.

    Why are we making it so hard for talents to survive in this business? This is not a monopoly business hence like I always say the organizers of the event do not respect our music industry and they think they can do anything and go scout free after all they owned the brand.

    Committee members, for your information, there are a lot of new artistes who qualify for the discovery of the year category in case you did not know.

    It is about time you guys help our industry by creating systems that will make our new ones comfortable to work harder. At least recognize them if you will not reward them because by next year a lot more new ones will crop up.

    This is sad and a disgrace to all of us, we need to bow our heads in shame; Because of our lack of scouting for talents and organizing workshops for new artiste, we don’t even know any new artistes doing our great Hi-life music hence for our Hi-life category always has the same winner.

    The earlier we wake up the better for our industry.

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