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    Ghana DJ Awards: Did some people pull strings?

    by Kwame Dadzie
    posted Saturday, 08 March 2014 15:40| 0 Comments

    Last Saturday, the second edition of Ghana DJ Awards came off at the National Theatre with a blizzard of issues, most of which I won't touch on for today.  However, one issue I cannot allow to lay fallow is how come there was a tie in the winner of the Hiplife DJ of the Year category.

    In the category in question, Cypher Sizzla of Obuoba FM and Dr Poundz of Pluzz FM jointly won that slot because there was a tie, which means that impliedly, they had the same number of votes.

    The name of the category was Hiplife DJ of the Year (singular) not Hiplife DJs of the Year (plural) so it doesn't make a scintilla of sense to award two people for that category. Apart from the public votes, there are also votes from the board or whichever committee and that meant that the board could break the tie when it mattered most.

    I have heard people say this was not the first time two or more people have been given one award. Of course yes, I know of the Jackie Appiah, Naa Ashorkor, Roselyn Ngissah, Yvonne Okoro incident when Ghana Movie Awards organizers gave all four Best Actress in Lead Role award for separate roles they played in the '4 Play' movie. This was when they were given one car as prize and how and who to use that car became a problem.

    The same thing happened at the Black Entertainment Television Awards when P-Square and Tuface also jointly had the African Act of the Year, following later by Sarkodie and Wizkid's joint win. To me, it is arrant nonsense to award individuals who ply their trade individually with a single award. So the fact that BET has done that before doesn't justify anybody doing that too. We were looking for one best Hiplife DJ not two. Any tie that comes up must be duly broken so there is a clear cut winner. With that we could have either seen Cypher solely take that award to Nkawkaw or Dr Poundz to Santa Maria.

    If what I am hearing is true then it is a crying shame to our industry. Buying an award should be discouraged because it is going to really sink our dear industry. A rumour bird whispered into my ears that the management of one of the two 'tie-winners' called to inquire from somebody if he knew there was any way of they paying to win that category. Another bird which also perched on my wall told me that the organizers had asked that a certain nominee DJ paid a certain amount of money so they gave him an award. All these are allegations and rumours. I will definitely get to the bottom of this issue and bring the details later.

    If all these are true then we should understand why that tie came about. It would then mean that one of them didn't deserve the award in reality but paid for it and since the organizers did not want to be mauled for not giving the award to the obvious winner, they decided to do it a 'tie-win.'  Other things that happened that has angered most presenters in the Eastern Region is the fact the names of these Eastern Region nominees: DJ Kinino of Koforidua Poly FM who was nominated for Campus DJ of the Year and Jonesman of Sunrise FM who was also nominated for Reggae DJ of the Year were missing from the lists they mentioned when they presented the award to the winner. What kind of disrespectfulness is that?

    If they still want to make the award scheme an Accra one, they should come clear and stop treating the others with disdain. The organizers shouldn't think they are smarter than anybody so that they would just nominate DJs outside Accra in order to gain that 'national brand' but will hardly award them or give them the necessary recognition. As for me, I don't care what anybody says about me again because what they say will not change what I write. I will surely be back on this matter. The truth will surely come out.

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