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    Vybz Kartel`s imprisonment, a lesson to dancehall musicians in Ghana?

    by Sakyi Saint
    posted Sunday, 23 March 2014 20:45| 7 Comments

    After 3 years behind bars and 65 days on trial, one of Jamaica's dancehall biggest artistes  and leader of the Portmore Empire, Adidjaheim Palmer aka Vybz Kartel, has been  found  guilty of the murder of Clive "Lizard" Williams and  awaiting sentencing on March 27,2014.

    The self acclaimed "World Boss",(Vybz Kartel) was undisputedly the voice of the ghetto commanding a massive following  of the Jamaican dancehall fraternity but unfortunately his lifestyle, waywardness  and "bad" influence on the youth exposed him to be on the wanted lists of the Jamaican law.

    The Minister of Security in Jamaica, Peter Bunting once said,” Jamaica has four problems and Vybz Kartel is one".

    In Ghana, Shatta Wale has gradually become the toast of the fans, commanding majority of slum dwellers who are usually unemployed.

    Considering the behaviors of Shatta Wale and Vybz Kartel, they mount a stage and decide on which songs to perform, when and how to leave the stage but never pay heed to managerial guidance. Lyrical "clashes" with other artistes was virtually a weekly occurrence as Vybz Kartel released diss songs against Bounty Killa and Movado same with Shatta Wale who did songs against Samini, Charterhouse and Iwan.

    In terms of temperament, both artistes bear almost the same character traits as they never cease to voice out their grievances.

    Vybz Kartel, when asked by the Jamaican Gleaner newspaper about his reaction towards Bounty Killa (his "boss" )who brought him to the dancehall limelight") would be, if he should meet him on the same platform, his answer was simple," Vybz Kartel nuh beg fren", meaning Vybz Kartel does not beg for friendship.

    Similarly Shatta Wale displayed virtually same behavior when he was asked by Akwasi Aboagye of Peace 104.3 fm, a Ghanaian radio station if he wants to end his feud with Samini.

    His answer was ‘’NO’’.  "I dont want to have anything to do with him again till death" he said. Recently, at the concert to climax the Ghana Music Week Festival, Shatta wale was dressed in full military apparel mimicking the exact outfit Vybz kartel wore as he clashed with Movado at Sting in 2008.

    Based on these and more, would one be right in assuming that Shatta Wale might end up behind bars as his temperament and attitude depicts same as that of Vybz Kartel? Would ARA-B, his loyal protege be his victim ? Never do I wish for Wale's downfall but he needs to be guided by the bull- looking bulldog, his manager before disaster strikes.

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