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    Job opportunities for Shatta Wale fans

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Tuesday, 08 April 2014 15:03| 0 Comments

    After few months of research and observations into how Shatta Wale's fame has affected the youth of the country, Flex newspaper has established that the current most talked about dance hall sensation in Ghana, has created employment for a lot of young people.

    It is clear that the self-acclaimed dance hall king in Ghana and the only dance hall sensation which most Ghanaian music lovers are tipping to be crowned the Artiste of the Year for this year's Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, has a very huge fan base across the country.

    In our observations, one thing that we came across has to do with the fact that for some time now most of our youth on the streets of Accra earns their livelihood through the high sales of Shatta Movement  designed foot wears, T-shirts, caps and among others, speaking with a few number of people at circle, Kantamanto and Lapaz.

    They disclosed that from last year, all items that bear the insignia of the Shatta Movement family or Shatta Wale sell faster than anything else. On the streets now, it is common knowledge that people selling some every day products can just emboss SM4L on their products and they will sell like hot cake on the market.

    Somewhere last year, Nicholas Omane Acheampong was in the news for having many product lines named after his hit song Zaphnat Paneah and the man was very proud about that and even suggested that because of that popularity gained on the streets, his song deserves to win the popular song of the year.

    The season for Zaphnat Paneah is over and it is now the turn of the biggest musician of our time Shatta Wale to create job opportunities for the youth who are mainly his fan base.

    The cry for unemployment in this country should cease now because Shatta Wale is now providing more employment opportunities for his fans and followers on the streets. Should we call Shatta Wale the minister of youth and employment now?

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