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    There shall be major reforms/reviews/changes in VGMA come next year – 2015

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Tuesday, 08 April 2014 15:02| 0 Comments

    Despite all the critiques at this year’s VGMA nomination list with some pundits pointing at evidence to disqualify some artistes or songs, the board has concluded that they shall not review the nomination list; yet, they shall make changes in the award scheme come 2015.

    On Monday 31st March, 2014 GhanaCelebrities.Com got in touch with Nii Ayitey Hammond who is the Chairman of the VGMA Board and asked him if the board will still review the nomination list.

    In his own words, he opined “as I speak with you, the board has not decided to review the nomination list; so that is what we stand by” Mr. Hammond said. According to Mr. Hammond “so far none of the evidence brought before the board are strong enough to make us disqualify any artiste or song in the nomination list.

    All that they have said or presented represents opinions; their opinions for that matter. The board does not deal with opinions but facts. Real facts! Any person who presents real facts shall be considered by the board.”

    On Tuesday 1st April, 2014 when GhanaCelebrities.Com’s story was reviewed on Neat 100.9 fm’s ‘Entertainment Ghana,’ hosted by Kwasi Aboagye, PRO of Charterhouse confirmed GhanaCelebrities.Com’s earlier publication on Monday. Ending, George assured “Kwasi, next year, there will be major reforms in VGMA. There will be definitely major changes next year.”

    On Wednesday 2nd April, 2014, when the same story was discussed on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ this time round, board chairman, Mr. Hammond confirmed the board wont review the nomination list – 2014, but, “we shall review things in the VGMA come next year.”

    As to what they both meant by changes, none gave details or explained. Already, some board members – Okraku Mantey for instance, have revealed on radio and television that the board changed some categories, especially the category definition for New Artiste of the Year.

    However, the board chairman and another board member, Fred Kyei Mensah aka Fredyma, said otherwise – nothing was changed before the nomination list was released. That smacked of inconsistency in communication from conclusions agreed by the very same board members.

    The series of questions we at GhanaCelebrities.Com pose for your shrewd judgment or cogitation are: if all is well with the VGMA – as the board has told all and sundry, why would they come out to say they shall be making changes come next year?

    If critics had not critique the nomination list, would they have come out to tell the public they shall make changes come next year? If their reviews or changes have anything to do with the issues critics raised, then didn’t the board dust off critics’ intellect by positing that the board does not deal with opinions from people? We live to see the changes come next year. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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