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    “I want to remain Kwaw Kese`s dad”- Hammer

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Monday, 21 April 2014 18:50| 0 Comments

    It's about two weeks since Kwaw Kese's manager, Fennec Okyere was murdered in his own home under very mysterious circumstances and already, questions are being asked as to how Kwaw Kese's career and brand would turn out to be and most especially who  would have to manage Kwaw Kese's music career  henceforth.

    Speaking to your evergreen Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, Talent Manager of Afriyie, Richard Agyeman Berko in answering the question of how Kwaw Kese's career can be managed with the demise of Fennec Okyere, he noted that it will be very difficult to find someone else to fill the shoes of Fennec Okyere as he (Fennec) has been able to guide Kwaw Kese to his present status. He was however quick to add that if Hammer decides to manage the career of Kwaw Kese, it wouldn't be a new thing at all as Hammer has always been a strong pillar and has served as a strong backbone supporting the music career of Kwaw Kese.

    In responding to the same question, entertainment critic and one-time manager of Kwaw Kese, Bertrand Nana Turkson, also noted that considering the kind of influence Fennec Okyere had on Kwaw Kese and his music career, it would be a herculean task of getting a replacement for Fennec Okyere as a manager.

    He reiterated that with Kwaw Kese's qualities as a good listener, passionate music master craftsman, stage master, an influence, creative and hardworking person as well as a person of good brand appeal, it puts him in a good position to keep his music career alive and back on the right path. He however discarded the possibility of him getting back into MadTime Entertainment as Kwaw Kese's manager when his name came up as a possible replacement for Fennec Okyere. For him, Hammer of the Last Two would be the best person to steer the affairs of Kwaw Kese.

    C.E.O of Bullhaus Entertainment, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog noted that so far as it was Hammer of the Last Two who nurtured Kwaw Kese and understands him very well, he (Hammer) would be the right person to manage Kwaw Kese as he is still active on the music.

    When Flex Newspaper got in touch with Hammer of the Last Two and asked him if he would henceforth manage Kwaw Kese as suggested, he revealed that he would do that in the interim like he is doing for Obrafour till Kwaw Kese is able to find a substantive manager. He said that, as a music producer, he might just join Kwaw Kese's team to help protect him.

    When asked what his response would be if Kwaw Kese gives him an offer as his substantive manager, Hammer of the Last Two, noted that in this difficult time, Kwaw Kese should be allowed to make his own decisions.“I can't say who should be Kwaw Kese's manager but I know I will remain his ''dad'' as always.

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