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    Is Highlife musician Daddy Lumba okay?

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Thursday, 01 May 2014 16:30| 0 Comments

    When Charles Kwadwo Fosu aka Daddy Lumba (D.L) released his latest album titled “Awosuo”, many thought the album was going to struggle on the market because of his perceived orthodox ways of promoting songs.

    Some few months after the release and one song on the album “ye nea woho beto wo” has shot up like nobody`s business enjoying great reviews on both radio and television stations. The arguments in town is that the song is catching up because Daddy Lumba mentioned and dedicated the song to business mogul Kenpong. Currently, take it or leave it, the highlife song is the number one highlife song on the lips of highlife music lovers because of the lyrics.

    After some years of  drought of getting hits from this man, it was expected that his current hit will make him more visible to his fans across the country who always wish to see him but that has proven elusive. Even in the heat of the moment, the man who has been noted to be an introspect person is still missing in action and nowhere to be found.

    It is out of this missing link that some die hard fans have started reading negative meanings into his absence. Some people are already speculating that Daddy Lumba is not in good health and they believe that is what is keeping him away from the public. What heightened the wildest speculation among all these was about his video where some people had suggested that they saw Daddy Lumba with a some how protruded belly which even affected his sense of fashion in the video.

    A close observation of the video shows Daddy Lumba wearing a white jacket over a white trousers and T-shirt even in our “summer” weather. There are allegations that Lumba put on that jacket to hide or submerge his somehow protruded belly. These and many more that cannot be printed are being said about one of Ghana`s most successful highlife artistes in Ghana today.

    In this week`s edition of Flex newspaper, we want to implore all close relatives including promoters of Daddy Lumba to make a statement that their icon is doing well and that all they are seeing is just as a result of growth and not what they are thinking about. In fact our happiness knew no bound when he spoke to Mikki Darling on Peace fm last Sunday confirming to us that the man is in good health.

    We have heard from several people close to Lumba that he is always indoors and that it is not new to them for Lumba to be hiding in his own corners.

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