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    DJ Mic Smith was not an opportunist at the VGMAs

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Wednesday, 07 May 2014 23:43| 0 Comments

    I would be such a lying hypocrite to hail DJ Mic Smith after his seeming confused, overburdened, unprepared and unprofessional performance yet I was delighted to hear another DJ chanced to play at the just ended 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards held at the Accra International Conference Center last Saturday, May 3, 2014.

    The misery of seeing DJ Black who has done well in branding himself play at almost all well promoted gigs as VGMA, Ghana meets Naija, Gh Rocks, Loud in Gh, a few to mention was to me getting out of hand as there were other DJs who could be chanced to play as well.

    Of course, he has done what his other heard-of colleague DJs are not an inch close in terms of branding; a DJ and an MC at many gigs, etc. but also I felt the need to opportune other DJs to exhibit their Disc Jockeying talents was needed.

    DJ Black undoubtedly with his name and his style has been acquainted and embraced by all even beyond the shores of Ghana but I am glad he for once stood aside and chanced his colleague and friend, DJ Mic Smith to play at the just ended 2014 VGMA although he did not live to expectations.

    The fact that DJ Mic Smith unruly disappointed patrons at the event and viewers at home making the ceremony boring, neither sabotaging nor tagging him as an opportunist would rewind and make him do the necessary corrections; some advice and encouragement won’t be a bad idea.

    Obviously, unless we prefer pushing persons gifted with other talents to further on hide their capabilities instead of rallying our support and also assisting them with our brief knowledge about their chosen in a non-ranting manner.

    Why play blame games on DJ Mic Smith as an opportunist who felt he could do way better than his royal blackness, DJ Black when really that change in DJs was really needed?

    Come to think of it, Charter House did not just call on DJ Mic Smith to take up that mantle; definitely the possibility that DJ Black was in total agreement and probably suggested he (MicSmith) plays when the organizers of VGMA decided to bill DJ Godday and DJ Mic Smith and also, Nii Aryee Tagoe as informed.

    Will DJ Mic Smith still be considered a part of the selected 'Best DJs in the country Team' or be sidelined and tagged as an OPPORTUNIST by the team's leader?

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