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    VGMA board Chairman mad at Franky Taylor for revealing VGMA vote on radio

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:41| 0 Comments

    Vodafone Ghana Music Awards VGMA Board Chairman, Nii Ayittey Hammond, has told GhanaCelebrities.Com that he is highly disappointment in Academy member, FrankieTaylor, for revealing his (Franky) vote on live radio.

    This year, some VGMA Board and Academy members have really proven that come next year, Charterhouse should consider either not hiring them again or hire and trust them with stringent clauses that will forbid them from revealing what goes on behind the scene to the public oe media.

    GhanaCelebrities.Com published on Monday, 5th May, 2014 a story headlined “VGMA Academy member reveals his Vote on live radio and defends it: “The award is over.” In the said publication, VGMA Academy member and also a Kumasi based radio presenter by name, Frankie Taylor, made a shocking revelation on Rainbow Radio’s GH Entertainment’ on Saturday 3rd May, 2014.

    “Now that the award is over I can reveal who I voted for. With the experience that I have acquired, OJ is far ahead than Bisa (Kdei).So professionally I voted for OJ”, Frankie Taylor said without any shred of caution – he voted for OJ for the Songwriter of the Year but Bisa Kdei won to his displeasure.

    Already, rumours are widespread on the streets and in media circle that OJ won the Songwriter of the Year category but Charterhouse allegedly swapped and gave it to Bisa K.Dei; so when an esteemed Academy member of his stature came out with that revelation, it fed and continue to feed into the rumour or allegation.

    GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Nii Ayitey Hammond if it is right for a member of the VGMA Board or Academy to come public to reveal or declare who (nominated musician) he/she voted for; he said, “It is not right or fair for someone to do that.”

    Asked if Charterhouse has any clause in the contract agreement for contracting the Board and Academy members that debarse them from such act, he intimated that “No, we expect all those we contract to be mature and professional and should know that they are not suppose to reveal what goes on at our meetings.”

    As to how he feels about Franky Taylor’s conduct, Mr. Hammond heaved a deep sigh and retorted “when you are on the Academy and you do so, it creates misconceptions. It’s not the best of options. It’s unfortunate! It’s unfortunate! That is all I can say.”

    In your opinion, should Charterhouse contract the above VGMA Board and Academy member again come 2015?

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