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    Sarkodie, John Dumelo & others could not wear their ‘Own’ @ 2014 VGMA – So who wears Ghanaian Celebs Clothing lines?

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:42| 2 Comments

    The ‘copy copy’ propensities of Ghanaians always make us copy what happens in the west, yet, we never get it right – the case study of celebrity clothing lines in Ghana in focus and how it jaunted into this year’s VGMA celebrity fashion sense.

    For over five years now, the orientation of Ghanaian celebrities having their own clothing lines has been staying with us. Names of few of our celebrities who have clothing lines include; Sarkodie, John Dumelo, Prince David Osei and D – Black.

    However, it appears these celebrities waste our ears with their clothing lines just to make us feel they are business minded and to also feed into their false ego. Vodafone Ghana Music Awards came off at the Accra International Conference Center on Saturday 3rd May, 2014.

    As a matter of fact, majority of the celebrities who graced the occasion wore clothes or dresses designed by foreign fashion designers. The unfortunate observation GhanaCelebrities.Com made was that the Ghanaian celebrities who own clothing lines, came to the event wearing other designers’ clothes.

    Sarkodie came wearing a white clothe designed and tailored by Chapter One, leaving his Sark clothing lines for Sammy Forson to manage. John Dumelo came in suit, leaving all his JMelo designs at home to rot. D-Black also came wearing a suit. Indeed, in the case of D-Black, when he was asked on the red carpet who he is wearing he said “it’s a secret. I don’t want to reveal it.”

    So D-Black does not know that one of the main essences of the red carpet is to publicize designers? So why hide your designer when the event organizer will not bring you any invoice for giving a fashion designer mention or publicity? Perhaps he felt sheepish for not wearing his own?

    Vodafone Ghana Music Award is a huge platform for the above celebrities to have publicized their clothing lines but they chose to wear those of others. The question that goes viral is: who wear Ghanaian celebrities clothing lines? Themselves? Family? Or Friends?

    It’s highly obvious these celebrities don’t know what they are about. In today’s Ghana, even fetish priests are advertising on radio, TV, print, online, posters, social media, and billboard in order to win clients. Our celebrities announce of their clothing lines, do glamorous launching, and after that, nothing is heard of them nor their clothes.

    They don’t advertise on any of the mass media – radio, TV, print, online, posters, social media, and billboard. Meanwhile, establishing a clothing line is not ‘fun’ but business. How can you do business and not advertise? Simply because you are a celebrity? Apuu!!!

    One visit shops and won’t even see the clothes or dresses of these celebs in the shops talkless of being sold! They have no proper offices one can visit! They have no key distributors where retailers and wholesalers can go and buy in bulk! They have no marketers one can contact!

    If our celebrities think their status, image, fame, popularity, charisma, etc. are what will sell their clothing lines GhanaCelebrities.Com wishes to tell them that they have shot the wind. Sarkodie and co should build their clothing lines to promote the textile industry in Ghana. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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