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    Stop the hypocrisy!- Shatta Wale advised

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Wednesday, 11 June 2014 01:01| 0 Comments

    As a writer, I don't find it difficult at all to bring to light the negative sides of our celebrities. At any point in time, and without fear or favour, I never hesitate to chastise or praise any celebrity. Do the right thing and I would commend you but if you do otherwise, don't expect me to keep mute or turn a blind eye to it.

    As a writer, I prefer to be hated for exposing the negative sides of our celebrities than to be loved and praised for pretending that our celebrities don't have any negative sides. Hypocrisy is not part of my work.

    In the 2014 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, when Shatta Wale lost the Reggae/Dancehall artiste of the Year to Kaakie, he got mad, said so many nasty things against Charterhouse and even went ahead to record a song dissing Charterhouse and Kaakie. He made it clear that he did not want any award. Fortunately enough, he becomes a household name and overnight became the most popular artiste in Ghana with his songs enjoying massive airplay.

    Prior to the 15th edition of the VGMA, he rendered an apology to Kaakie and Charterhouse and management team also presented his songs to Charterhouse for nomination. This alone impliedly meant that Shatta Wale now wanted awards. Fortunately enough he got nominated for the Vodafone Song of the Year, Artiste of the Year, Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year and Producer of the year, even though many people had wished he was not nominated.

    As you may already be aware, Shatta Wale did not turn up for the awards and the reasons are quite obvious. However, I am so much disappointed in Shatta Wale because I believe he is a hypocrite. I say this because right after the awards, he has released a new song addressed to Charterhouse thanking them for the awards even though he did not want them.

    If indeed he does not want the awards, why did his management present his songs for nomination? Why didn't he ask Charterhouse to excuse him from the awards when he eventually got nominated? Why didn't he also ask his numerous fans not to vote for him as he does not want the awards? If indeed Shatta Wale does not want the awards, was his management team forced to present his songs or was the nominations forced on him?

    Shatta Wale should have made it very clear before the awards that he does not want the awards but not after. Is it not funny that he agrees to accept the awards with the excuse that it's his fans who gave him the awards through their votes?

    I was also stunned to the bones when Shatta Wale mentioned that he would have used his performance fee for charity if he had performed at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. If indeed Shatta Wale cares about the less-privileged in society, wouldn't it have been sensible enough to accept the GHc 30,000 offered by Charterhouse and present it to charity? Has he also forgotten that tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean?

    I just heard he has presented an amount of GHc 100,000 to help finance the trip of Ghanaian football supporters to Brazil 2014.

    By this gesture, I am forced to believe that Shatta Wale is indeed rich but I am of the conviction that Shatta Wale's non-acceptance of the GHc 30,000 was not well-thought of especially for the fact that the money would have gone to Charity. After all, was he not only going to mime Dancehall King on stage?

    really love Shatta Wale's drive, outspoken nature and charisma in ensuring that artistes are treated well and get what is due them but then he needs to watch his double standards. Shatta Wale was a friend in 2001 and he would still be. By the way, which Ghanaian artiste goes to a restaurant after 2 or 3 am? I rest my case.

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