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    Jak Alolome endorses sampling of hymns

    by Stephen K. Nakujah
    posted Wednesday, 11 June 2014 01:04| 0 Comments

    One of the most influential gospel musicians based in Kumasi popularly known as Jack Alolome has told Flex newspaper he disagrees with anyone who will say musicians should avoid singing hymns especially the Pentecostal hymns.

    It is on record that, many music pundits have criticized musicians who pick hymns and reproduce them as their own songs. Some have said it is not worth it for musicians of our generation to do this. One gospel artiste who has propagated this cause is the ace gospel musician OJ. He was reported saying this in Flex newspaper some time ago and repeated same on Channel R 205 Entertainment show last week.

    This is what has prompted Jack Alolome to respond to him and other people who have made same opinion. Speaking to Jack Alolome, he said, even though he agrees partially with them, he still believes that they are also mistaken.

    “To me, I feel that musicians of today must rather be encouraged to sing more of the old Pentecostal hymns so as to keep alive the fire that worked in our predecessors. Any nation that totally forgets the efforts and works of their past warriors or achievers can never be successful. We need to let the people coming up now know where we started from and the good songs our elders did for us.

    Even the Bible has said that, we should go back to the path of our forefathers for there is the right path. So this should simply tell us that we should not always forget our past. Nevertheless, we should not always go that direction but to try and infuse some newly composed songs as well.” Jack Alolome narrated.

    “Every one of us has God-given talents. But it is not everybody that can write or compose and at the same time sing. There are people who can only write but can't sing, and there are those who are also good at singing but can't write. So it is not always by force for a musician to write his own songs. Even there were so many songs that were written for internationally acclaimed musicians like Micheal Jackson to sing. So it is not wrong at all. We should be working hand in hand as one body all in glorification of the Lord'' Jack added.

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