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    The philosophy of making a hit song in Ghana

    by Nsiah Asante, vivaghana
    posted Sunday, 22 June 2014 15:42| 0 Comments

    Great artiste at some point in time struggle to produce the hit song (a song that is enjoyed/heard in most places) Ghanaians have seen in the industry once upon a time.Many might have reasons that account for making a hit song.

    It is for a fact that musicians who once produced great hits have had to struggle to produce another one and sometimes even fail. Figuring out what qualities may link very different songs — say, Keche’s “Alunguntugun” and Okyeame Kwame’s “Woara” — has been more a matter that needs to be looked at critically.

    Here on VivaGhana today, Nsiah Asante dives into the Philosophy(wisdom searching) surrounding making a hit song by taking three sides to it for now; Taste,Quality and Promotion.


    Taste in music as it may seem vary from people, generation and even society.It is probably diverse this generation because we have options.I don’t think the issue of taste has anything to do with the artiste because performers like Lumba and Samini have moved from their comfort zone to produce songs outside of their fan base’ taste and yet being successful at it.

    However, to cut across, Various genres with different rhythms on music charts’ number one have come to be mostly but not always danceable and relatively loud.


    This concept moves from the production wise to the lyrical wise landing on the delivery point. Generally, the fewer the instrument (component) with say 120.00 BPM, the higher the chances that the general public would accept it. Few artistes have been successful producing a hit with what I call ‘Lyrically correct’; one that defines the poetry music is expected to define, Okyeame Kwame’s 2009 hit ‘Anaa’ is an example.


    Internet promotion is quiet ‘dangerous’ to depend on especially when you are not popular as artiste.Hit songs have been known to have had their place on playlist in pubs, clubs, radio and sometimes TV. Internet, I think has played just 10% in making a hit a song.

    The funny thing is most joints will never play your music if it isn’t popular; likened to graduates not getting employed because they lack experience. It is at times awkward when a random music just pop up and take over without any promotion plan. Well, those are the few instances the concept of luck can explain.

    In all, it is not just about the quality of the song ( although it is required to make a hit beyond the shores of Ghana) but also about some undefined concept. It is as though there is a force or maybe logic beyond the human understanding which defines what a hit song is because sometimes everything is perfectly done and yet your song wont make it pass your home.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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