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    Is Quarme Zaggy now doing profane songs?

    by David Offei Lartey
    posted Thursday, 31 July 2014 16:08| 0 Comments

    Highlife music will never die contrary to what many people have said because people like Quarme Zaggy will not relent in their bid to portray Ghanaian music through highlife. The man with 'higher life' in highlife is about to release a new single which has already started generating wild controversies. Listening to this latest single, one would conclude that it has suggestive lyrics.

    In an interview with Quarme Zaggy, he disclosed that the song is titled 'Sea Saw' and he featured talented sound engineer and musician Voltage of House of Music fame. “I urge all my fans to stay calm and expect more surprises from me and the 'Sea Saw' single is not an exceptional, meanwhile the song is scheduled to be released officially on Sunday, 20th July, 2014 but it will first of all be reviewed on Flex on  Pluzz on Pluzz 89.9FM the only showbiz Sunday programme hosted by Sammy Flex.

    The 'Temi Mole' hit maker started music as a little boy when he used to put together Milo tins and arranged them as a band as he played to entertain his mates. That was where he was discovered and introduced to his church choir. According to him, it was a little bit challenging.

    “I really gained experience in my singing but it really got better when I was elected as the entertainment prefect in my secondary school days, and ever since, I have not stopped singing up till now. The controversy in this new song stems from some vibes in the songs which is believed to profane.

    You wait till you listen to it yourself for confirmation. You can follow him on Facebook Quarme Zaggy  twitter is @Quarmezaggy1.

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