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    Castro ties the knot secretly?

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Wednesday, 27 January 2010 09:52| 0 Comments

    Castro The Destroyer (Gh 50cent) last sunday 17th january 2010 secretly got married to one Canada based Ghanaian girl “Awura abena” at exactly 10am at the Roman Catholic Church at Akim Swedru. The first celebrity to be married this year.


    Opppss, You wont believe what happened out there.. On seeing some a reporter at the church the face of Castro changed from happiness to wool-gathering and sent a signal for the journalist to be stopped from taking pictures.


    Castro’s father also approached the journalist, stopping him from taking pictures. According to the journalist, he couldn't endure the threats that were sent by some relatives of Castro so he “dashed his way out”. Awwwwww!! Poor Mr Journalist!!


    The wedding ended at 12noon and reception was held immediately after the wedding ceremony at Green Peace Inn located at Frempong Manso(Akyem Swedru Road.


    Prophet Prince “did the usual” opening prayer and was chaired by Mr.Ansah of Onyame Akwan Motors(Takoradi) with the support of Castro's parents, family of the bride and some few friends.


    Castro invited few friends and security was tight to an extent that you couldnt even use your phone to capture anything. Some of the few Celebrities who were invited were Screw Face, D-flex, Akoo Nana, Old Soldier and Sakordie popped up at the later part of the ceremony.


    Over the years we have witnessed celebrities and some personalities in the entertainment industry giving out wedding invitation cards to the press to take coverage of their weddings, Some even go to the extent of announcing their weddings on radios.


    “Whassup” with this new era of private weddings among Ghanaian Celebrities? The big question is WHY DID CASTRO PLAN A LOW PROFILE/PRIVATE/SECRET WEDDING?IS HE HIDING SOMETHING.....?


    I think he has forgotten that he's a star and that people will always have interest in whatever he does especially his fans and the press. The only place he can have his privacy is his honey moon and even that if the press is allowed, they will surely dig deep down into his romance and bring it to the public! All the same, Ghanacelebrities.com wishes Castro a happy marriage, welcome to the world. Please don’t be like Kwabena Kwabena ooooo. lol


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