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    Too much nudity in music videos?

    by The Buzz
    posted Tuesday, 09 February 2010 10:43| 0 Comments

    It is not only the Ghanaian Movie industry which has seen a substantial enhancement in the quality of its pictures and sound.

    The recent music videos coming out in Ghana are also massively remarkable. The most interesting thing noticed is that, the unnecessary colour effects coupled with the hot coloured background has been gotten ride off. Nowadays I can watch these music videos without having to borrow a sunglass from my friend.

    Those colours and flashing effects were indeed eye hurting. Moreover, sound quality in recent music videos has improved with more clarity and eradication of the countless “Reemixxx, Appietus, JayQ, etc”.

    However, the fast growing and worrying practice is the extensive half nakedness or nudity of Ghanaian ladies being paraded in recent music videos. This is becoming an accentuated practice which leaves me with the question, who said we need to see oiled up boobs and big asses being front on our screens in music videos before we accept such videos as classic? Change is good and essential to modernization but with this kind of change, I would rather prefer to live in the Stone Age.

    Half naked young girls shaking both their boobs and butts with occasional slaps on their butts from these music artistes in some cases do not depict any sense of modernization, but sense of immaturity in the industry and utter disregard of our culture of decency.

    Sex sells but decency and culture are paramount to that. These music videos are shown all over the internet and video channels loosely. What are we therefore telling our young ones and others out there? How come we (Ghanaians) always find ourselves copying the wrong things?

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