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    JM De Voice writes a letter to Ghanaian politicians

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 14 May 2015 10:12| 0 Comments

    Imaging putting your trust in your partner after he promised you marriage only to realize he has left you for someone else, how would you feel. DISAPPOINTED, and sometime the consequences are grievous sometime resulting in suicide or murder and that’s exactly what the politicians have done to the youth.

    The truth is everyone can survive when the system is right that’s why every decision they take have direct effect on us.
    They promise us heaven and earth then they serve us hell on a silver platter.

    When I say politicians I mean all from the time of Nkrumah till date just that the system has grown from bad to worse and if care is not taken may escalate.

    The worrying part is that most of the leaders now are youth and they are the ones lying to the youth creating unnecessary tension. When you have students threatening to whip ministers with water can you tell me that everything is ok?

    I observe a lot and trust me the system is really crazy. The youth struggles to finish school by learning hard and paying high fees only to come out to meet no jobs and those with jobs are losing it because of unbearable utilities and dumsor.

    I believe it’s time we told the politicians the truth so that they change their ways before things gets out of hand.

    My single “Its So Crazy” seeks to let the politicians know that things are just not right and “E No Easy” also seeks to tell the youth to calm down because the future of every nation depends on the youth and this country is all we have and that even though times are hard, with Jah as our Guide we shall survive.

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