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    Fennec speaks for musicians even after his death

    by UrbanPowerPlay, Nana Kwesi Asare
    posted Saturday, 23 May 2015 14:38| 0 Comments

    It has been a couple of years since the former manager of Kwaw Kese, Fennec Okyere was gruesomely murdered at his residence at Spintex and to date the police is still investigating the incidence leading to his death.

    Even though the Late Fennec was involved in a lot of business, he was popularly known in the music industry as one of the few who always spoke his mind and the hard truth when it come to the entertainment industry.

    Before his demise, he spoke openly on a lot of issues affecting the welfare of most of the musicians in the country, Ghana.

    Being Kwaw Kwese manager did not just keep his focus on fighting for the well being of only kwaw, he fought with every musician in the country in mind.

    He asked the important question most people were reluctant to ask and spoke about things which, if handled a lot of positive changes will come to the entertainment industry.

    And a year after his death he seems to still keep speaking on relevant which needs to be looked at and taking seriously by everybody who has the interest of the entertainment industry at heart.

    A couple of weeks ago, Hammer of the last two produced and released echo’s from the Grave Fennec Okyere's Featuring nana Asaase and Kwaw Kese.

    And this were the words of Fennec on the audio;

    “I will speak out any day, you know what I mean? look out for me.

    You When Ronnie coaches died Bright himself, I heard bright on peace fm that people who want to bring something should come and help, did you hear that request at micheal jacksons funeral?

    These guy royalties of K)mi k3 K3man must pay in ,that is what obour must lead this stars and us to fight for?

    Di3 ti3 ni s3 Musiga main aim is to fight for the collective bargain of the musician the will include the prices the will charge, that include their welfare, that includes their royalties.

    As I talk to you today many musician have die poor.

    Call me I will show up.

    Carlos sekye is the guy incharge of Ghamro  ,he is the chairman and they have a board and this board is made up interested parties of various music interest bodies.

    And because of that musiga is still a representative of the musician so the are on the board you know what I mean.

    Obuor is on the board but can’t fight hard but the truth is they say every one who has register for copy right your affairs is under Ghamro.

    So Ghamro collects all the copy right money for every body.

    But if you meet kwaw kwese he will tell you he has collected his share,samini hasn’t collected his share, everybody is saying he hasn’t collected his share of the money.

    Can some challenge them to publish the name of the beneficiaries?

    My brother where are they going to publish that name.

    Even the attorney general told them to be in power just two year and elect people  to run the affairs they’ve haven’t done that till today.

    As I talk to you the two years has expired and they are running illegalities.
    The board has not been reconstituted they were ask to submit account every two years up today no account has been submitted to the registral general.

    If don’t solve this problem we are going enjoy these boys songs and thay are going die like dogs.

    Do we even know what the benefit of musiga is if you can’t fight for our rights?

    If you can’t fight for us to get right pricing for show?

    And u cannot even have a proper network to be even use to raise funs and to do bargain and to do health insurance for the people”.

    These were some of the words of a man who wanted to see the entertainment industry and musician prosper, but unfortunately he is not here to see it through.

    Sadly, a year after his death, these very points are still relevant and ironical bulldogs stated similar problems which the current entertainment industry is facing in his “hypocritical or political”.

    How many musicians are aware of the existence of GHAMRO or a body in the country collecting royalties for them?

    How many musicians are aware of the existence of GHAMRO or a body in the country collecting royalties for them? Publicly the entire nation is aware the creative industry was giving some amount of by government, but as to what has been done so far and the factual about of money spent on the development of the of the music industry has become paper work with a couple of misunderstanding on the amount spent of events, artist or projects.

    EL and C –real who is both stars and engineers in a discussion online concerning the power outage, asked the question do we have a music industry in the Ghana?

    Which suggest they don’t the existence of the industry and because they don’t get any benefit from them.

    A sentiment shared by many musicians in the country.

    The official in charge of Musicga and Ghamro should do their best to educate musician of their existence, duties and benefits so all the musician will be aware of their importance and benefits of being a member.

    Secondly, they should take the words of the late Fennec very seriously because most of the questions he asked before his untimely death seems to be the questions asked by most of the time musicians in the country.

    The affairs of Musicga and Ghamro should  be very open and transparent not to be run by a few beneficial to all.

    One also doesn’t need to have a hit song before musicga shows interest in him or her.

    Finally musician in the country should also be interested and involve in the organization in charge of running their affairs in the country, ask questions and speak out when they feel things are not being done properly.

    They could kill the man but they couldn’t kill his words.

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