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    Socrates Safo must shut up on Samini & Sarkodie career

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 01 October 2015 12:09| 0 Comments

    It appears so amusing to me on how Socrate Sarfo is on a higher momentum gaining notoriety in engaging in  frivolous and illogical argument.

    Reading an article on a statement he made lately concerning Sarkodie  proves more of his ignorance and  daftness on issues pertaining to music in Ghana. I have no qualms at  expressing whatever opinion he has about Sarkodie, his music and his way of life but then to descend so low to predict the young musicians failure and worse off use no non person than Samini as a benchmark for failure  really goes down to betray his level of appreciation of the music business in Ghana.

    Calling for an imminent failure of an artist who  is arguably the current top notch musician holding Ghana with so much laurels both internationally and locally to prove.

    Just because you have a problem with style of dealing and connecting with the media and juxtaposing his supposed failure (that which you predict) to that of an artist who has been consistent with success and relevance since he burst unto the scene more than a decade ago rather portrays him someone with very limited knowledge of what music is about and smacks of someone who has totally lost touch with reality and speaking out of vacuum.

    Its so clear that Socrates is so much in want of tutorials but as we all know it won't be an easy engaging a student with such a ''dead head''.

    But come think of it ,don't you think spending time to lecture someone like Socrate on who Sarkodie and Samini are is akin to teaching a 50 year old full blooded Ghanaian who the President of Ghana is ?lol

    Socrate should rather revive his dead career,get behind the camera and produce better and resonsiblity inclined movies that would have positive impacts on our lives and not movies filled with senseless contents that will send his career back into comma.

    I rest my case here and still stand to be corrected.

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