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    Reggie N Bollie deserve our attention

    by Razz Newspaper
    posted Thursday, 12 November 2015 21:25| 0 Comments

    The internationally acclaimed music reality show, X Factor, is in its current edition and the finals are being telecast with much attention from music-loving public worldwide.

    In the fray are Ghana’s own ‘lost but found’ former chart-toppers, Reggie of ‘Adoma’ fame and Bollie of ‘You May Kiss the Bride’ fame. Together, they were called ‘Menn on Point’ but in days leading to the final screening of the show, they changed their moniker to ‘Reggie N’ Bollie.

    When they started with the auditions, not many Ghanaians paid them any attention, and even after they made it to the top 12 going into the finals, many shrugged them off.

    However, after two grand performances in the finals, the two are generating rave reviews, from the judges, the viewing public and showbiz critics.

    Surprisingly, in spite of their exploits, they are yet to be accorded maximum attention from the Ghanaian media.

    They are not being talked about; their performances are not being recognized and their participation in the much-viewed contest not being blown out of proportion.

    Interestingly, even a smaller brand like Big Brother Africa, which has the less viewership, less clout and offers less opportunities for participants as compared to X Factor – is highly talked about every season.

    Ghanaian reps to Big Brother Africa; many of whom have been a waste of time in the show – have been given much attention than what is being given to the two guys.

    Reggie N’ Bollie are doing great on the show and even if, they do not get to the Final 3, they have made a very good mark and many opportunities lie in front of them after the show.

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