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    Reggie N Bollie: A case study of persistence for Ghanaian musicians

    by ghanaweb.com
    posted Sunday, 13 December 2015 13:22| 0 Comments

    The first in history Ghana’s high-flying music pair, Reggie N Bollie, who have gained instant world recognition due to their great performance at the UK X Factor reality show, is truly a case study for Ghanaian musicians to undertake.

    Reggie 31 and Bollie 29 both hail from Ghana but have been living in the UK with their families for the past five years.

    They are not strangers to the music industry in Ghana , since they made strides in the early 2000’s with hit songs. Reggie released three songs in 2006 titled ‘Virgin’, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Adoma’ whiles in 2004, Bollie also had a hit with his song called ‘You May Kiss The Bride’.

    With almost a dead music career and without hope for some years after relocating to the States to switch career, Reggie N Bollie have found their feet in the reality show.

    Due to their undying love and spirit for music, they have worked hard to move on to the final stage of the competition; not only that but have won the admiration of the judges and fans worldwide.

    They now have huge followers on social media as well, 98.4k of Instagram, 66k on twitter and more than 41 thousand people on facebook. “…Whenever you think of giving up on life, just remember us”, a touching message they sent to their loved fans in one of their posts. A message that proves despite all the challenges they persisted to reach this far.

    Probably they could have quit many times but they didn’t and because he didn’t quit, today they are being loved by all for their undying spirit.

    But don’t forget, other acts have also made it, the likes of Rocky Dawuni, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Samini and many others.

    Not only should musicians but their success story is one of a good examples for all especially the youth to emulate.

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