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    Episode reveals why he didn't perform at Samini's Saminifest

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 13 December 2015 13:58| 0 Comments

    Our attention has been drawn to recent distortions being circulated especially on social media with regards to Episode's inability to perform at last Saturday's  Trade Fair held Saminifest 2015 . 
Management hereby deems it prudent to address   this recent development in order to curb further misinformation.

    In the run up to the main event both parties agreed  for Episode to perform with his own preferred band but due to  unfortunate circumstances the show started later than it should have, thus evidently exerting much pressure on  the organizers.

    The live band was set up around 3:00 am and clearly  switching bands for Episode to perform and then switching back to main band would surely eat into the already worn out time, the option thus left was for Episode to perform with the main band and that was close to impossible because he had not rehearsed with that band.Both parties then MUTUALLY agreed for Episode not to perform in order to save time and more importantly to protect his brand.

    The Ontrack team wish to state emphatically that there was nothing like bad blood accrued from what happened and hereby plead with fans and well wishers to desist or disengage from the false and malicious distortions making rounds seeking to breed bad blood between Ontrack and the Highgrade Family.

    We hereby also wish to acknowledge and accept in good faith the apology rendered publicly by Elorm Beenie (publicist for HGF) on Pluzzfm last Tuesday and would like to thank the Highgrade Family for recognizing us for Saminifest 2015.

    The strong  and unbridled Ontrack team remains solid and resolute and working hard as usual to reach higher heights.We entreat all fans to rally behind us , dissociate from negative energy and associate more with positivity and all that promotes peace and unity.

    Thank You

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