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    X-Factor is over so I can have a rant!!! - Mark Darlington

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 14 December 2015 13:35| 0 Comments

    For non-singers but a dancehall artiste and a rapper to create such a storm in the UK and worldwide, and placing second on the X-FACTOR out of over 30,000 people, is no mean feat!!! They have never claimed they are great singers, but artistes they are!

    Say what you like about them but Reggie N Bollie have done the impossible and made history!! Whether you believe it or not, Reggie N Bollie are now the most popular Ghanaian artistes ever in the world!!!

    This tells you that artistry is not only about having the best voice, it is about a package!! Stagecraft, connecting with audience and public appeal! Oh! Plus the fun factor!!

    Of all the contestants, I can boldly say that Reggie & Bollie are ones can fill venues wherever they headline, at least at the moment in the UK! It's a boring world and Reggie N Bollie have been their ray of sunshine! People actually looked forward to watching them each weekend!! I hope some do not fall back into depression!

    Thank God for Youtube, at least they can replay their performances as many times as possible before they release their single! The boys are still trending although they didn't win.

    For me, I am happy they did not have to release the winner's single because that would have buried them! That song is so NOT Reggie N Bollie! When I heard the song, I thought... OH NO!!

    Glad they can choose a great deal from all the offers of recording contracts currently coming through and record their own materials!

    Now to those that have tried their possible best to bring them down and also downplay what they brought to the show, millions of voters cannot all be dumb!!! Criticism is great but has to be objective! If you cannot be happy for them....Shut up and dance!!!!


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