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    Is gospel music losing its value?

    by Obour Amankwa, ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Saturday, 10 April 2010 08:21| 1 Comments

    Following the recent news on the amount of nudity within the Ghanaian film and music industry, it appears that Ghanaian gospel music is also heading down towards a slippery slope.

    There was a time when the lyrics of gospel music could soothe the most bruised head, touch the most sinful hearts, and change the dirtiest soul.

    However, now it seems even gospel musicians are following a similar route to the other genres in the Ghanaian music industry. Promiscuity is now becoming prevalent even within some gospel music videos- detracting from the powerful lyrics and message of their songs are scantily clad gospel singers revealing too much flesh.

    As singers of the Lord’s word, there should be no doubt that this is completely inappropriate and blasphemous. Their videos are counteracting the message of their songs- what is the point of singing about such powerful things if you are going to dress like a slut in videos?

    Their clothing attire is not the only thing distracting from the message of their songs- too much make-up and exuberant hairstyles is also in the spotlight regarding gospel music videos. Although understandable that every woman likes to dress up and look their best, is such an extravagant dress sense necessary when filming a video to promote a song about God?

    The downwards spiral of the genre can also be highlighted by the fact that gospel music is now being frequently played in nightclubs- of all places! Furthermore, more thought appears to be put into fashion as opposed to the lyrics of the song- emphasised by the unnecessary repetition of the same words, and needless shouts.

    The renowned Ghanaian international gospel music artist, Sonnie Badu, put it best when he said, “Ghanaian gospel music doesn’t make sense.”

    Ghanaian gospel music appears to be losing its value, and at a fast rate. How can gospel artists sing about God and righteousness, when they are doing the exact opposite of what they sing about in their own songs. Is that not hypocrisy on the part of the musicians?

    It seems to me that God needs to have mercy on us all- gospel music artists included.

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