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    Who is proposing marriage at 2016 VGMA?

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:38| 0 Comments

    Last year, 2015, Elikem Kumordjie popularly known as Elikem the Tailor took Ghanaians and the world by shock when he went down on his knees at the biggest awards ceremony, Obviously Ghana’s Grammys, to propose to his Big Brother Reality Show housemate and girlfriend, Pokello.

    That action rather became the main headline after the ceremony as many couldn’t believe and did not foresee such as action by anyone and for that matter Elikem taking such a vital decision at a point in time when his relationship and Public Display of Affection has been met with various ridicules from the public and entertainment critics.

    But through it all the young man chose True Love confirmed when Pokello responded with a Sure Yes to his marriage proposal.

    Memorial to the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, that will be noted as a Record in History which has already gone far to have resulted in a later secret marriage which has already been blessed with a rumored baby.

    This love activity, I am sure has motivated lots of people, especially for it being the first to occur on such a stage which even draws the attention of the president and other political and entrepreneurial elites across the nation and abroad.

    So, will this begin an annual norm after the pace by Elikem and Pokello or it will just be ignored because no one wants to be tagged as a copycat even though it did add great emotions coupled with great memories from the last event.

    I am sure the world would definitely go gaga for the next set of young people who will go all out to attend the 2016 VGMAs and return with a promised marriage future.

    But the big question that will be wandering through the mind of any reader is who will the next set of History Makers be?

    With the year under review, many are already aware of the rumored love oriented friendship between two Young Music Legends and great National icons; Bisa K’dei and Becca.

    With no doubts with faith in what I personally witnessed at the Launch of Bisa K’dei’s Breakthrough Album, the fervent Public Display of Affection between this two are true to be confirmed together with other activities that have gone on including the birth of one of the best music collaborations thus far in the Ghanaian Music Industry on the song “Hwe”.

    Now let’s take on this analysis, with Bisa K’dei being tipped to receive the ultimate Artiste of the Year awards out of a battle with other big artistes this young man could go more ahead of himself to make another history if he takes the decision to perform the boldest action in a man’s life which will also make the night more authentic if only, the PDA for Becca was not just meant for PR stunts.

    Receiving the highest award of the night and proposing to “Becca” would be an action that would not only make up for the night wasted by people who will definitely be leaving the awards very late but create an atmosphere and notion that Musical Artistes are also serious about building families aside the activities they involve themselves in during the prime of their careers.

    Becca who is currently ranked the 8th Most Influential Young Woman in Ghana and 28th among 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians by Avance Media has paved the way to be a very focused young musician with a great future that Bisa K’Dei would be privileged to play a part in.

    Well, as all this remains my personal opinion, I hope I can just become the luckiest predictor in this Love mystery obviously if not being used to pull media and public attention to their various careers but I think they can go beyond that to also make it work as great Ghanaian Music Star Couples.

    All the best to all nominees of Music Biggest Night in Ghana

    Thank You

    As this remains my Humble Submission

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