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    "Stop the comparison, AK Songstress will never reply Kaakie"

    by Steve Opoku Hanson
, JJK Promotions
    posted Friday, 22 July 2016 15:12| 0 Comments

    The Ghanaian dancehall fraternity is about getting lively. Female reggae/ dancehall blogger and promoter popularly known as Jullie Jay-Kanz has retorted to  some comments made by fans of female dancehall artiste Kaakie after she dropped her 'Sankwas' song yesterday July 2016.

    According to some of the  fans of the female artiste, Ak Songstress who has been quiet for sometime now is preparing to record a diss song in reply of Kaakie's sankwas and added that her management is not doing the best for her.

    The female  blogger who got irritated by these comments also posted on her social media platforms advicing not to compare Kaakie to AKSongstress.

    She stated that, Kaakie is currently way below the belt in the dancehall scenes and continued to mention her poor stage performance at the 2016 MTN Pulse concert as compared to her counterpart Mzvee.
    She said: " I am getting pissed with the injudicious  commentaries some funny people are giving about AKSongstress .

    No one should ever compare Kaakie to Ak Songstress or any of the heavyweight female dancehall acts.
What is dancehall about Kaakie's Sankwas that people are thinking AKSongstress  and the Paradise Entertainment will waste their precious time , troop to the studio  to record a diss song just  to reply her.

    As far as I am Concerned, Ak Songstress doesn't respond to weak vibes like that of Kaakie's Azonto "Sankwas.
We need strong and talented female acts of her kind  like Jamaica's Spice @spiceofficial , Nigeria's Cynthia Morgan @cynthiamorganlive nd Ghana's Shegee Styla @shegeestyla to clash or sting. 
After listening to AK Songstress' Rudegyal Badgyal and Shegee's Marking Time unleashed  2 years and a year past respectively,and  comparing them with Kaakie's freshly unveiled "Azonto Sankwas", I would educate that , no one should compare Kaakie to these two heavyweight female dancehall acts in Ghana because currently She(Kaaki) is off the reggae/dancehall track.

    Kaakie had quite some good songs way back and I respect her a lot for being the first renowned female dancehall act in Ghana and will always do that. But hey!! Her performance at the MTN Pulse concert was way below belt to be crowned as a dancehall Queen as compared to mzveegh on the night, eventhough Ak Songstress and Shegee were supposed to be  the right titleholders of that stage.  Please Don't compare Kaakie To AK Songstress!!

    However others are speculating the song was directed to BET Award nominee MzVee. 
Ak Songstress however announced on her Facebook platform about releasing the visuals to her "Bloodclaat" single some time soon.

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