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    Eazzy: Is she single or she is a lesbian

    by Ephraim Amoo II, africanpromo.com
    posted Wednesday, 05 May 2010 15:28| 4 Comments

    On the funny side of things with Ephraim Amoo II.

    Lovely people of our dear industry I am extremely happy (and yet very agitated) to come your way once again with the “Weekly Broadcaster”. Before I go to the main subject at hand, something very disgraceful made the headlines in all major entertainment outlets in the country this past week.

    In Ghana wonders shall never end: First it was reported that Ohemaa Mercy’s phone was stolen. I didn’t take it to heart because I believed such unexpected happenings decorate every major gig and the GMAs could be no exception.

    Then it got out of hand, first I was reliably informed that Promsy (V.I.P) also lost his phone, then I heard King David was slapped at the gate by the security apparatus and then Majid had to wait for close to 30 minutes before he could enter and what even drew the matter worse was the fact that the only Diva in our industry C.E.O of Aphrodisiac Night Club was also mishandled alongside her newly found buddy Nadia Buari plus my own “SERIOUS” man, Amakye Dede.

    What sought of nonsense is that, no wonder people referred to Charter House as Cheater Mouse, what proper event organizing firm will behave like this.

    Mishandling our very few celebrities, the very same people you have invited to grace your event, whatever the excuse is Charterhouse should render an apology and should do so quick (and if you happened to be a victim of the civil war and intentional man slaughter that took place at the V.I.P entrance I am pleading with you not to honor any Charterhouse invitation for the next one year to serve as detriment to other event organizing houses, what baloney). If I should concentrate on the GMAs I might mess up my mood and not be able to deal with today’s issues.

    In my previous piece I remember describing EAZZY as a daughter of EVE (no wonder her name begins with E and if you don’t know who a daughter of Eve is then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this piece in the first place).

    That girl is arguably the hottest female artiste in GH now and recent polls have suggested same (You can check ghanamusic.com).

    Now what really puts me on the urge to tackle this issue is the fact that for more than once this Eazzy girl has gone around blowing her singleness horn in interviews. For someone like me I am not easily fooled because the only reasonable explanation for somebody like Eazzy to be single (which means she is devoid of men in her life) is if she is a lesbian in that case she doesn’t need a man and she will always be single because she is in a relationship with a woman.

    (When you ask her why she is single she tells you she wants to concentrate on her music. Eazzy please spare me that kindergarten excuse …. Does “Bo WO Nsem Mame” lie with you in your bed or does “WENGEZE” hold you during the cold weather, give me a break). For these reasons I went to see Anas to help me investigate Eazzy’s sexuality and I found out that she was completely straight (her school record proves so plus she has been in two relationships in the past) so the question then is How come the hottest and sexiest female artiste in the GH is single?.........

    To answer this question I put up a simple question of “Who is Eazzy dating on almighty facebook” and got a lot of funny and yet obscure views from people. Some people decided to exhibit their own “folly” by suggesting that she was dating King Ayisoba and Agya Koo yet others tread in my path of thought and suggested she was a lesbian further calling Mzbel as her lesbian partner (Oh Nana Akua, you see because of the your Lady Gaga image, every mundane thing you are mentioned… repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.. I would not be surprised if you are cued up as the key suspect in the theft of Ohemaa Mercy’s phone).

    Anyway my research has proven that that Daughter of Eve does not only disturb my zippy parts when I see her on TV but worries some very big men in high places who have had the chance to meet her on personal basis.

    My investigations have revealed that the so called first lady of Lynx had a thing going on with Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi (Eiiiiiiiii, how on earth, that is completely absurd and unheard of.

    There is no iota of truth in that stupid insinuation.) Honestly I have not had the answers I seek to the unnerving questions I have but one thing I know for sure is that Eazzy is no lesbian. (Maybe I should suspect Asem, that boy is bad and is capable of doing anything at all and considering Eazzy’s beauty anything can happen…..).
    This saga is definitely not over.

    I know that if I call her and tell her, this is Ephraim Amoo speaking she would insult me and hang up and so I wouldn’t even get a chance of asking her the questions I want to ask but trust me I will definitely find out everything I need to know and keep you informed? Now to the reason why I am extremely happy this week, some of the AMAAs have miraculously found its way to GH and what freaks me out is the fact that we bagged more than one.

    Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor and Adjetey Annang all did themselves proud. Almighty Shirley was simply undefeatable and picked up Best Director and guess who was there to pick up the award Ken Attoh (honestly that guy deserves an award for succeeding in impregnating Shirley Frimpong Manso, I am still wondering what he told her to lure her…… “Charlie your man power be too much”….

    My best wishes to Shirley as she incubates her first offspring). Let me also wish Okyeame Kwame a happy birthday (just so you know that I have my facts and know what is happening on the ground).

    Sarkodie’s appreciation party wasn’t bad, at least I got myself a brand new daughter of Eve (and from the look of things I think she hasn’t been that long on earth, she still smells too alien). And what is this I am hearing that the Tema people were expecting Killbeatz to win the award of Producer of the year, I agree with them but I would rather we give it to Nacy than Killbeatz (my comments I reserve….

    You can read Quame Jnr.’s article titled “Wande Coal saves R2Bs from shame”). Oh and I am happy to announce that Jon Germain is back on facebook after his short vacation on Twitter and Skype (your guess is as good as mine “AND SO WHAT?”…LOL).

    Thank you very much for staying with me through out this broadcast till I come your way again, the name is and will always be “Africa’s Finest” Ephraim Amoo II host of your weekly broadcaster, have a wonderful day.

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