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    The ultimate anti-climax!

    by Ameyaw Debrah, The Jaded Renegade
    posted Monday, 26 January 2009 13:04| 0 Comments

    Photo; modernghana.comSo how did highlife night on Mentor 4 last Sunday turn from potentially being the best night for to show to the biggest mess in reality TV history? Well, the show was dedicated to vintage highlife and all the remaining 10 contestants gave sterling performances that would make the likes of Aboagye DaCosta, Oheneba Kissi, Samuel Owusu, Felix Owusu, Obibini Tachie, Amanzeba, Efua Ampofoah, Stella Tackey and AB Crentsil proud.

    It was a night of shooting stars as even the weaker contestants gave up some good performance. However, Angel was the fallen angel of the night as she couldn't sustain her streak of good performances this week.

    Her performance was a little one dimensional and she didn't have the voice to carry the song through; perhaps she focused a bit too much on her stage craft to the detriment of what really mattered most on the night. Nonetheless she is still a favourite as she won the most public votes this week. In my book, the best performances from the night came from Mavis, Mike and Gee.

    I thought Naa would be a force to reckon with in this season's contest but so far, her performances have been below the bar. But the judges were of a different opinion, they scored her quite high although I felt her performance last Sunday wasn't good enough. Maybe she charmed the judges with her beauty. The worst contestant for me was Julie and I think she should leave sooner than later; the honeymoon is way over! She has the right attitude but she hasn't given us enough reason to believe that she is a good singer.

    After the performances came the much dreaded evictions, and that was when Mentor got it all wrong. And I don't mean the choice of evictee but the principle behind it. Usually, when the public votes are tallied, the bottom two are put on the elimination list and the judges vote to save one based on the strengths of each contestant.

    This week the bottom two were Gee and Serwaa. During the show, the judges scored Gee higher points then Serwaa; and on the public votes tally, Gee was again ahead of Serwaa. However when the judges had to save one of them, it was a 2:2 tie so there was the need for a tie-breaker. In the wisdom of Mentor, it was decided that the hosts of the show, should decide who goes home. Where on earth does this happen? Of course, KOD grab the opportunity hastily and went ahead to say he was saving Serwaa.

    Dentaa, not wanting to create any tension made KOD have his way and so Gee was sent packing. It's no wonder KOD sometimes feels like he were a judge. I think it would have made proper sense if they relied on the public votes to decide who went home. Well, you be the judge!


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