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    Wutah’s broken dreams

    by Selase Attah
    posted Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:07| 0 Comments

    “The relationship between me and PV is so strong we can hardly break apart. Together we shall forever stand”, Risky told a journalist barely 12 months ago. According to him, he does not see how they would have been this successful if they had been solo. Watch Burnin' Desire by Wutah

    Now, it looks like those words were just for the sake of publicity and if their break-up is truly out of jealousy then let me be the first to cast a stone.

    My first encounter with Wutah was when we were on board the same bus for a show in Kumasi in 2005. They had just released their first single, ‘Big Dreams’ and were making waves with their fine reggae tune. We slept in the same hotel and on Sunday afternoon just before our return to Accra, I had a short but deep chat with the duo.

    That was five years ago and when I look back; it makes me believe dreams can be possible. They told me that ‘Big Dreams’ was written eight years before it was finally released indicating that they had come a long way as music makers. Indeed Wutah are widely known as the most humble musical group in Ghana.

    Wutah said in a separate interview that the stability that the music industry in Ghana is experiencing currently was spearheaded by them. “Having served in the industry for at least five years, our little contributions have made a positive impact on Hip Life”.

    In 2005, the duet came out with their maiden album “Anamontuo”. The hit track “Big Dreams” was loaded with so much inspiration such that the words of the song will lift up a depressed soul. The song eventual won Reggae Song of the Year at the 2006 Ghana Music Awards.

    Risky and his partner PV were a perfect combination. They were not the very strident type and also liked to keep a low profile but that did not mean they were not a house hold name.

    Their latest album which was their second is dubbed "Burning Desire" and is doing tremendously well with 'kotosa' making massive waves. “As musicians we are the mouth piece of the masses so we take our time to come out with quality lyrics and beats”, Risky said. The album won two awards at the 2010 Ghana Music Awards (GMA) even though many tipped them to win more.

    In my candid opinion, it is serious immaturity and lack of prudence on their part to split simply because one member of the group has been presented by a solo award. This actually meant that they were not as strong as Risky claimed they were.

    Now, the last Hip Life group standing is Praye. Let’s see how far they can go before jealousy, money or women break them up.


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