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    Samini in love with Sarkodie / A Plus to marry Anita of Metro TV

    by Ephraim Amoo II
    posted Friday, 30 July 2010 12:09| 1 Comments

    Oh it feels so good to be back and (wow...South Africa was one hell of an experience, but for my uncivilized fellow Ghanaians blocking roads and causing havoc all in the name of food, everything would have been perfect).

    Since I have been away for a while, this piece will be quite lengthy because I have so many people to deal with.

    Firstly, let me deal with all those English professors who have been insulting me for grammatical errors and (all the bullshit they have been writing as comments), let me make it clear that I write not to achieve a legendary status in English proficiency, I write to make people laugh and carry an opinion across, as far as I succeed in doing that, I am an accomplished man so save all that corrections for Fiifi Tata Mills, he will need it more (Mtcheeeeww…nonsense).

    Now back to my headline for this piece (first of all, it was only meant to attract you to read and I used it because I heard Samini made that statement on Hitz FM’s morning show with Quophi, and I think he used that expression to express how much Ghanaians including his adultery self loved Sarkodie.)

    Now to more relevant issues, first of all Mark Okraku is set to drag the ‘New Fylla”  newspaper to court and I ask my self a simple question, FOR WHAT? (Why in God’s name will Mark drag somebody to court? OK, they published an untrue story and you will want them to prove themselves in court, you Mark, only God knows what you did to Sarkodie, even he didn’t drag you to Heaven’s court, you are here wasting precious time and space making unnecessary noise.

    In Sarkodie’s track “Life” he made a bitter statement that “God will punish Mark Okraku Mante”, these kinds of comments are passed in only extreme circumstances and whatever you did to Sarkodie must have been really harsh.

    You sit there at the mentor show and criticize people and feel good (small lie wey “Fylla” dey put on your top, you vex…..but this Fylla people koraa…… are they crazy? If you will publish a false story publish it on someone like Asem, or Obrafour or even Mzbel, that one I can help provide evidence myself, why should you tread in this “okurasini’s…….producer’s” path, anyway go and settle your case in court and whatever happens I will get to know because I will be right there in the court room standing right beside the judge, should you decide to look for me).

    Then I heard good news about how Ameyaw Debrah had finally found love in one Kenyan journalist Renee, whiles he was in far away South Africa covering the Big Brother Africa event (but you Ameyaw did we send you to go and work or to go around chasing ladies, instead of you to go about business you were out there romancing.

    Anyway I am happy not for you but for myself because I was afraid you were going to impregnate Mandy Jay one of these days, I hope now that you found love you will space up a bit. I am just worried, because a Kenyan trip every week will be impossible and I am not ready to head towards Kenya for any marriage rights so Ameyaw fix this.)

    In other news A Plus is set to be getting married to Anita Owusu of Metro TV - (apuuuuuuu………nonsense…..never…it will never happen. How on earth can two crazy people be allowed to get married. What kind of kids would they bring unto this earth…..another Indi Amin? Or Adolf Hitler…..A Plus has over the years displayed his lack of supervision over his mental faculties and Anita is another story for another day ( but come to think of it I think that short Dada Halfco boy should be sacked immediately, how can you disclose information that your C.E.O. has kept secret from the media in an interview…. For lack of IQ my people perish.)

    Eazzy’s “Wengeze” video is out and I will be taking a critical look at it and next week she will be on my slaughter table.

    I will for the first and last time ever apologize to my loyal readers for my inconsistencies, first it was the JUJU trip to Togo, then the SA trip for the world Cup, then to Iraq for my graduation but I am fully back and I will keep it coming in every week, plus I have plans of coming out with an audio version of the weekly broadcaster so watch out, I just hope I am not prosecuted as is been done to Ato Kwamena Dadzie (hmmmmm, I will reserve my comments till there is a change of government and then I will comment on this issue, I have a lot to do and I will not want to go to prison for speaking my mind all in the name of causing fear, who causes fear more than the Government, I won’t even go there).

    I also will like to bring to your notice the fact that I just completed my first degree in suicide bombing at the Institute of Suicide Bombing in Iraq and I am currently on my National service in Somalia where I am practicing with the on going war.

    Finally I have a message for President Obour and because he is one of the people I respect, I will take it easy on him, but this will be the first and last time I will say it peacefully, next time it will be the Ephraim way. Obour please re focus and concentrate on what made you Obour, your good music and leave all this useless and unnecessary running around.

    I love you as a brother and that is why I am wasting my precious time to tell you this.

    The people miss you and they need you back, even the weed ambassador Obrafour is back so Obour get back into the studio and bring out something better not another waste of equipment and human resource like you did on the ‘Atopa Jenjen” track.

    This is your last warning get back to the studio and bless Ghana with better songs or I would be forced to descend on you.

    A word to the wise is said but once. Wouldn’t want to go on and on I think I have said enough for a comeback piece, next week will be yet another exciting week and I would be here to make you laugh at the displeasure of our dear industry people and celebrities.

    The name is and will always be Ephraim Amoo and this has been another weekly broadcaster. Will be back next week with yet another piece, stay blessed.

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