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    GMA 2009, what's Wanlov the Kubolor taking home?

    by The Jaded Renegade
    posted Sunday, 01 March 2009 15:59| 0 Comments

    Well, the Ghana Music Awards fever is here and with people already talking about who deserves or doesn't deserve what, yours truly obviously would not be left out. In recent times, the question has arisen as to whether Asem and his hit song, 'Give Me Blow' should be ruled out of contention due to lewd or suggestive lyrics.

    I don't want to talk about whether the song contains lewd lyrics or not because I believe most of us are clever enough to tell what is lewd from what's not; so I will leave that to you to decide for yourself.

    I want to ask, what qualifies a song to be nominated for a GMA in the first place? The rules stipulate that a song must have been commercially released within the period of contention before it qualifies for nomination. So what exactly does that mean? If a song is aired on radio or heard blazing Or perhaps the song must have a music video before it is considered as a released single or maybe it is combination of all these! I think the organizers of GMA should be able to define this clearly. Personally, I feel that 'Give Me Blow' was never officially released and shouldn't be in contention. The issue of morality doesn't even come in for me. In my view, 'Pigaro' on the other hand was released and Ghanaians should decide whether that song deserves a GMA nod.

    Now to the substance of this article: what will everybody's favourite 'afro-punk', Wanlov the Kubulor take home from this year's Ghana Music Award. 2008 was the year when the man who walks barefooted with a wrap around his waist stunned the music scene with his creative and unusual style of music. His music was a complete breakthrough in Ghana, and there was a point where he became the talk of the town. Since the Ghana Music Awards is a popularity based award scheme, definitely Wanlov deserves a mention in the 2009 GMAs. But the question is where does he fit in, since his music is so distinctively different and defies categorization by all Ghanaian standards?

    I don't think Wanlov can win an award in either the hiplife or highlife categories; and certainly there will be no mention of his name in the gospel arena. So where does he fit and will his distinctiveness be a gift or a curse as far as the GMAs are concerned? Anyway here are some categories I think Wanlov must definitely be nominated in. He deserves a mention in the breakthrough/discovery of the year/ best new artist of the year or what ever name Charter House chooses to call that category.

    I still don't get the definition for the Record of the Year category but I think Wanlov would fit in there perfectly. How about video of the year, certainly his 'Konkonsa' video stands tall out of a lot; the picture quality was great, the storyline was very relevant and everything came out well together. Even 'best lyrics of the year' isn't too farfetched but 'Artist of the year' may be asking for too much but hey, Wanlov did his thing! Well, let's see if the so-called experts in the industry would agree with me when the full list of nominees comes out on Tuesday March 3.

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