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    Becca goofs with 'Forever' remix

    by thebuzzgh.com
    posted Monday, 28 February 2011 16:54| 1 Comments

    Perhaps one of ma favourite Becca joints of all time, "Forever" kept true to the very best of the silky song bird's repertoire over the years. Listen to Forever remix by Becca featuring Appietus

    She managed to put a catchy and 'easy-to-sing-along" hook on a rythmic melody that though somewhat mellow had a contemporary highlife groove and elements that fitted just right.

    On the recently released remix however, she woefully disappoints. Credit to her for being experimental with the addition of techno elements and tuning up the tempo, perhaps in a move to push the track into the clubs. That,notwistanding, its an experiment that fails to impress in most areas.

    The idea of featuring Appietus singing - or rather attempting to- was not in good taste.His work on the instrumental was quite impressive and I tototally disagree with the school of thought that he sampled or copied anything off the "Muje Baya" instrumental.

    A sound off would reveal that they are two very different sounding rythms. The common factor however, is the major flaw in this joint - Appietus' singing!

    His new found style of ad-libbing without saying anything in particular, may have done wonders on "Muje Baya" but on a joint with such substance and an artiste like Becca, it just did not fit in and this remix would sound so much better if he had stuck to being the engineer behind the sound !!!

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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