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    Rape allegation affects Asem's music career

    by Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Attractive
    posted Tuesday, 29 November 2011 20:30| 0 Comments

    When pundits in the entertainment industry thought that hip life supremo ASEM has gotten over his challenge of suffering from a rape allegation leveled on him by an SHS student......

    ....(name with held because she is a minor), he has really revealed that all is not well after that publication in Flex newspaper during the first quarter of this year.

    The allegation led the editor of Flex newspaper Mr. Samuel A. Baah and his reporter Mustapha Ayinde Inusah(Attractive)to the Ministry Police Station to respond to a police query.

    As good citizens of the country and people who want the forward movement of the entertainment industry, we co-operated with the police and gave them all the necessary details in the story which will help them to get to the bottom of their investigation. Unfortunately, the law did not get to the bottom but ended up in the middle when the police asked the management of Flex newspaper to provide the birth certificate of the girl who accused Asem for drugging and raping her.

    It was not to be expected to hear any statement from Asem in that regard because he has gone through some changes in his career after that ordeal. It was during the aftermath of that incidence that he packed bags and luggage from the Lynx Entertainment camp which really brought him into the limelight. It is on record that Asem is now signed unto his own record label “WOBE DANTEM RECORDS” which has released the best hip life video in the country.

    When Asem was mentioned as the proud winner of the best hip life video in the just ended 4Syte Music Video Awards at the Accra International Conference Centre last week Saturday, fans of the “rhymatologist” expected some positive vibes from the GIJ graduate.

    Unexpectedly, his acceptance statement turned out to be one that reminded fans of his past issue with the police and the media.

    This is what Asem said behind that well decorated mic stand for lucky award winners.

    “This year has been very rough for me in my career as you all know. I want to use this opportunity to tell entertainment journalists in Ghana that, our music industry has not gotten there yet for them to practice tabloid journalism. We don't need such practice in our industry”.

    We at Flex newspaper think Asem got it wrong because no entertainment journalist in Ghana intends to destroy any musician or actor in the country knowing very well we want to develop our fragile arts industry. All we desire to do is to project the good side of the industry and to discourage the bad side just as society also wants.

    So for Asem to think that the music industry has not gotten that far does not hold any water. People in the creative industry should endeavor to do just positive things and none will weep in themedia. If Asem thinks we cannot practice Tabloid Journalism in Ghana, we are also informing them that the small fame they are enjoying does not make them above the law.

    To all celebrities in the country, don't ever forget that we have a vibrant entertainment media in the country now, so be careful of what you do in the dark since it can be brought in the light when the inky fraternity finds out. Just like you play gigs to survive, we also write and broad cast information to survive.


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