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    The Negative sides of Ghanaian stars

    by NEWSONE
    posted Wednesday, 13 May 2009 09:29| 2 Comments

    Ghana’s Showbiz, like others elsewhere, is dominated by all kinds of stars. They are loved and disliked by their actions both on TV and in private life. In this issue, NEWS-ONE tries to highlight some of the negative perceptions people have about 10 of Ghana’s showbiz personalities who have been in the news in recent times.

    Many of his fans call him ‘Sexy Tinny’ but he calls himself the ‘Bardman’. He was born Nii Addo Quaynor Tinny, in the 80’s in Osu, Accra, and is the last of six siblings.

    He attended Okuapeman Senior High School. He started singing and rapping at the age of eight. In 1994, he started performing at Fun World. After his first release, Makola Kwakwe which was a mega hit, he has remained consistent in the industry. This week, he is expected to pick an award at the upcoming Hip-Hop World Awards in Nigeria. Tinny is seen as a great artiste by most music fans but he is perceived to be a spoilt child. He is not just a ladies’ man but he looks over-pampered and he hardly smiles on stage.

    Kwabena Kwabena
    Known in real life as George Kwabena Adu, Kwabena Kwabena was born in Accra on 17, October 1978. He attended Datus Complex in Bubuashie and continued when the school relocated to Green Hill, Achimota. He had his secondary education at St. Peters Secondary School in Akwatia in the Eastern Region and then Accra Polytechnic for his tertiary education.

    Kwabena’s voice is the silkiest and most soothing around town today, and that has been his power over his fan crowds, which cut across every sphere; social, political and gospel. Judging by his looks, some of his fans strongly believe that “he pretends to be a good and innocent guy but in the real sense, he is the spoilt type”. He has been spotted a couple of times at Pig Farm in Accra,  cuddling a baby whose mother is not his recognised wife.

    He wants to be an icon in music and that is exactly how his fans see him. From Wa, the Upper West Region, Samini was born in 1982. He attended the Holy Family Basic School and then continued at St. Magaraet Mary Senior High School in Dansoman. After school, he and a close friend, Tony Pan took to music. While Samini did the singing, Tony handled the management aspect. Currently, Samini who is also, MTN’s Ambassador, has three albums to his credit and has also won numerous awards. He is one artiste who is proud of where he comes from and does not feel ashamed of his roots. Yet, some fans think he is paranoid. He talks as though someone is competing with him over something.

    Kwaw Kese
    He was not too popular until barely two years ago when his Abodam signature hit the country with a bang and went ahead to win multiple awards at the 2008 MTN Ghana Music Awards.  Born in the 80's in Agona Swedru in the Central Region, Kwaw Kese’s musical journey started from J.S.S. which was Happy Home School when he used to sing and rap to his friends. He then went to Winneba Secondary School. He first featured on Obrafour’s Executioner’s Diary with his Oye Nonsense track. Since then, he has kept growing bigger by the day. People think he has some level of insanity. Others have expressed the worry that he can strip naked on stage just like the way he speaks ‘recklessly’ when he is on air.

    Otherwise called Kwame Asare Obeng, his lyrics are dominated by politics. Before the 2000 elections in Ghana, A-Plus released his debut album titled Freedom Of Speech I which contained a hit-track, Mesuro Mpo Ma Merekeka Yi O, which talked about how he was afraid of what he was saying, and yet, he had to say it all the same for the sake of democracy. After NPP took over power in 2001, he released Freedom of Speech II which criticized the wrongdoings of the NPP government. The NPP won another term of office and A-Pluz went to release Agye Gon; analyzing the campaign promises of the ruling party. Later, there was Letter To Parliament; its release also won the hearts of the youth ahead of the 20008 general election. Fans believe that A-Plus has intention of venturing into politics, hence, his use of political lyrics to advertise himself. Others say his music is becoming monotonous, and could run out of steam if it remains as it is.

    Lord Kenya
    Born Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo on September 19, 1978 in Kumasi, he had his primary education at the Central International School and his Secondary education at the Anglican Secondary School after which he did his sixth form at the Mpraeso Secondary School. His desire to do music started at the age of 17, just after secondary school. After so many years, he still tried to maintain his status as a hip life heavyweight. He boasts of big hit albums like Sika, Sika Baa, Yeesom Sika, Sika Mpo Mfa Ne Ho, Akasiani, Born Again, among others.  After ten years in the hiplife realm, his fans think he is struggling to be in good form when it comes to music but in actual fact, he has kind of run out of ideas. Some people say he is a spent force who is living in his past glories. Well, he could bounce back like Oheneba Kissi, who knows.

    Tic Tac
    Since his musical journey took off in 1997, he has never looked back. He started with a friend by forming a group named Natty Strangers. Tic stood out from the rest of the group, his voice described by most as similar to Busta Rhymes. He went on to feature on Azigiza’s Woye Bia and collaborated with Slim Busterr on Masan Aba and Dassebre’s Ahuofe.

    Philomena was his debut album in June 1999. Since then, he has released albums like Masom, Masem, Wope, and Accra Connection with hit songs, Kangaroo and Beware of Dogs. His latest is 10th Day. Tic is loved by many around the world. However, some of his Ghanaian fans think he is proud and feels he knows it all.

    4x4 is made up of ‘Captain Planet’ and ‘Abortion’. Captain Planet's real name is Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey while Abortion is Raphael Edem Avornyo. The duo used to be in another group with Ronnie and Bright, who were then in a group known as Buk Bak. Their debut album was Siklitele in 2003 followed by Contestant Number 1 and Hot Girls Dotcom in 2007 which purportedly introduced crunk music into Ghana. The group is expected to make another great comeback. But what perception do their fans have about them? People feel they are obsessed with their looks. They always want to look good and as such, spend so much money to get the best or latest clothes and foot wears in town. Besides, they are described as copycats who try to copy choreograph dances of western hip hop artistes.

    Slim Busterr
    He is otherwise called Ebenezer Asare. He entered the music industry in 1986, after he won that year’s National Dance Championship Competition. Later, he left the shores of Ghana for UK to study music and sound engineering. He has since become a household name. He produced such albums as Masanaba, Eye Fe Keke, Baby, and Marsherita. His well rehearsed dance with his group of dancers makes him the Michael Jackson of Ghana. Now, people see him as someone who belongs to an older generation but still thinks break-dancing is fashionable in 2009. Others also frown on his stage performances with what they call ‘those nude girls’. Funny enough, his critics cannot do what he is doing even at his age.

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