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    Live band music still authentic in Ghana

    by gbcghana.com
    posted Monday, 18 May 2009 17:22| 0 Comments
    With the emergence of music genres like hiplife and hip-pop onto the Ghanaian musical scene, authentic live band music continues to stand the test of time.

    Reference can be made to times when bands like Classique Vibes, Western Diamonds, Ahenfo and Ramblers were easily spotted in discotheques and functions, doing their own thing to entertain patrons.

    Some of these bands can hardly be heard as used to be the case. This is gradually giving way to electronically engineered sounds and rhythms, which usually lack the culture and essence of true Ghanaian music.

    But highlife music has not quite gone astray as some would think. Its traditional exponents are still alive.

    Lovers of this brand of music are mostly attracted due to the extensive use of guitar, organ and other instruments whose blend constitute a hybrid between a typical dance band and highlife guitar band.

    Friday night live band music lovers would simply not trade anything for this. A trip by GTV crew to Chez Afrique Bar at East Legon confirmed this.

    If you are thinking of where to savour live band music in the capital, a trip to some hotels, restaurant and clubs will definitely be a thing never to be regretted.

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